Reserving Equipment

Lebanon Trail 2018-2019

What Can I Reserve?

We have the following available for reservation:

Chromebook Carts- most are sets of 15, one set of 30. Here's the list of where the carts live this year!

PC Laptop Carts- sets of 15

Computer Labs (PC)

iPads- we have 30 total, reservable in sets of 10

Google Expeditions Kit- we have 1 kit with 20 devices, 20 VR Goggles in a large case

VR Goggles without devices - we have 10

Media Carts- we have 2 for reservation. These are carts with a single projector and a single computer (no monitor) that you could use in the gym or cafeteria or library for a presentation. There are speakers on these as well.

Ion Block Rocker- Portable speaker with Mike that you can connect to a device via bluetooth or aux cable.

Remember, if you book the library, there are 30 Chromebooks and 30 PC laptops that live in that space as well.

How do I Put in a reservation?

Reservations go through Eduphoria Facilities and Events. Each teacher should put in his/her own reservations.

Some carts are designated as Math, Science, ELA or History. This means those departments manage those carts. Technically I cannot restrict other people from reserving those carts BUT

you should ask their manager if they are available before putting in a reservation, because those departments get first dibs. Only ask if there is truly nothing else available.


if you do not return the carts in good condition, the manager has the right to quit approving any of your reservations.

Reserving Equipment in Eduphoria


Know Which Kid has Which device

When using technology, you should know which student has which device in each class period. To make this process fast and easy, we have an LTHS checkout form.

  • When using Chromebooks, the form should come up automatically when a student logs in.
  • When using iPads, there is an "app" that is called checkout form. iPad numbers are on the wallpaper of the iPad,
  • When using PCs you can direct students to OR if they are logged into Chrome, the checkout form is in their LTHS Bookmarks folder in their bookmarks bar.

If every teacher will do this, the kids will get used to this process and it shouldn't take more than a minute at the start of class!

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Picking Up and Returning Equipment


iPads MUST come back every night and be put in the charging stations. This is a district policy. Students may not transport iPads.

Chromebook and PC Carts:

Teachers must accompany carts when picked up and returned. Students may assist you, but you need to be with the equipment. All carts have a parking spot with a college logo on the wall. Carts should be returned to their spot and plugged in.

When you pick up equipment, be certain that all devices are accounted for before using them with your classes. Before returning carts, make sure that all the devices are accounted for, that they are all neatly stored in their correct numerical slots, and that they are charging.

You should always return equipment by 4:30 pm. You may expect to be able to pick up your equipment at 8:00 am.

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What if My Cart Isn't There?

Unfortunately this happens all too often. You go to pick up your equipment and it isn't there! Here is what you do...

1- Go to Eduphoria and look up who had your cart last. Go track that person down. If you go in as if you are going to make a reservation you can browse the calendar.

2- DO NOT TAKE ANOTHER CART! Please do not ever take a cart without reserving it. This never solves the problem, it just creates more. If you cannot locate your cart, feel free to go in and try to reserve another one. THEN you can take it.

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Chromebook and PC Cart Expectations

Students may not retrieve or deliver equipment on their own. They must be accompanied by a teacher.

Cord management is an issue. We know this. Please take the time at the end of class to be sure all devices are returned to their numbered slots and that cords are stored neatly. All devices should be plugged in when not in use.

There is a sheet of expectations taped to the top of every cart. Please read through this when you have them.

The single biggest issue we have with carts is that people do not return them after use. Please help out your fellow staff members by always returning equipment in a timely manner.

If you use a PC cart, please assign kids a number and have them use the same number all year long. This helps us keep the number of profiles down on each machine.

Always have students power chromebooks and PCs down completely after use. This doesn't take very long with chromebooks but it can with PC laptops. If they don't do this the next person to use the device will have issues.

Finally, please watch as students use the equipment. Encourage them to treat our equipment with respect. Don't let them do things like:

  • walk around carrying a chromebook by the screen
  • have food, drinks, or gum near the equipment
  • set books or materials on top of a closed laptop or Chromebook

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IPad Expectations

I said this earlier but it bears repeating- iPads need to be returned every single day, and students should not ever transport a set of them.

If students use their Google accounts be sure they log out. They may need to log out on any specific Google app they use AS WELL AS the browser if they used that. They should make a point to logout of any app they login to.

Please have students clean up the camera roll when they are done to keep our memory clear. Have students hold up their device so you can spot check that. It is rough when we get 300 pictures of the floor on a camera roll.

Finally, be sure you plan ahead for the activity you are doing. If it will take longer than a class period, students need to know which device they have so they can use the same one the next day. If they need access to the ipad before school or after school, make sure you are providing a supervised opportunity for them to do that.

What if something goes missing or gets broken?

The faster you find out something is missing, the better chance we have at recovering it.

Do not let students leave your room until all equipment is accounted for.

Please let Victoria and I know that something is missing as soon as you know!

If something is broken, please put in a HelpDesk ticket and be sure to note the cart name and the number of the device as well as a specific description of the problem. Instead of "It won't work" for example, you could say, "When I turn it on the screen stays black".

Other Stuff You Can Check Out Through the Library

We have some things that you can check out through the library as well that are not listed in Eduphoria. All of these things are for SHORT TERM CHECKOUT

- Presentation Clickers- we have 3. These are for SHORT TERM (maximum 1 week) checkout but they are good to have with the media carts.

- Webcams- We have a couple of these

- Single PC or Chromebooks- Again- short term only- these are intended to help folks who may need to go to a conference or a training

- Flash Drives

Can I send students to pick up my equipment?

Short answer: no.

If you need help because you need to pick up 2 carts, you can bring a student with you to help.

Students will not be allowed to carry a set of ipads under any circumstance.


I know that it is tempting to leave lessons online for students when you have a sub. Please consider the fact that many subs are uncomfortable with using the equipment and are not well versed in classroom management with technology. If you decide to do this, please understand that you are still responsible for the care of the equipment in your room, so you need to leave very detailed instructions for the substitute on the proper use and expectations.
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3 Strikes Policy

We are going to be using a 3 strikes policy again this year. Here are some of the things that can earn a strike:

  • Not returning equipment on time
  • Returning equipment with cords a mess or computers unplugged or not in the correct spots
  • Leaving a cart overnight unlocked in an unsecure location
  • Returning the cart but not plugging it in at it's parking spot.
  • Taking equipment without reserving it

After 3 strikes, you will not be allowed to reserve any of our mobile equipment.

Please understand that with the number of teachers we have now, even if every person only got one strike, that would leave us with a significant problem every other day.