Friday Focus

February 5, 2016

Important Dates for Next Week

Monday, Feb. 8

  • CTL Meeting @ 2:45 in Conference Room
  • PTO Meeting in Commons Area @ 6:00 pm
Tuesday, Feb. 9
  • Castillo to meet with grade levels during planning time
  • Progress Reports will be printed

Wednesday, Feb. 10

  • Progress Reports go home
  • PL Afternoon Groups 2:45-4:15

Thursday, Feb. 11

  • Erinn and Erik @ LIM Symposium
  • Kari's Baby Shower

Friday, Feb. 12

  • Erinn and Erik @ LIM Symposium
  • Valentine Parties

Nuts and Bolts

  • It seems like everyone is having fun with the Valentine Pals. We will continue next week with the little "sweet treats." Please reveal yourself to your pal on Friday!
  • Please don't forget to share the Bus Safety Powerpoint with your class and sign off on the Google Doc that I shared with you last week. So far, we have 11 classes signed off.

Coat Drive

Do you have coats, that you don’t need anymore?


Winter is here and there are people in our community who could use a nice warm coat. There will be a box available near the cafeteria and office for your gently-used coats from February 1st - 12th. They will be going to Gracie’s Closet, an organization that donates gently used winter clothing for foster and less fortunate kids that are in need of winter clothing, backpacks, and etc...

If any questions please contact:

Coat Drive organized by Carolina Stover and Mary Mae King


  • Great job on the curtains for the commons, Sharon Norton! They bring the perfect pop of color!! --Beth
  • Thank you Anna Bussey and Cindy Bunn for helping me out with my children this week! I appreciate you! - Brookshaw

  • Thank you SHME for being awesome...Huddleston is great but you guys are the best! Miss you - Brookshaw

  • Thank you Linda Krebs for taking care of my kiddos while I'm gone! I know you have everything under control! - Brookshaw

  • Thank you Emily Sellers for sending the sweet note over to Huddleston...made my day! - Brookshaw

  • #Love the MINT! -Cindy

  • Brittany Mundok, you are a true spirit filled angel. ~ Michelle

  • Thank you to my grade level from the bottom of my heart for letting me repeat myself all week long and for letting me smell like a peppermint! ~ Michelle

  • Just want to say thanks to so many people who encouraged me this week. It's silly to worry about things that might be!~ But it's amazing stuff to have reassurance from true hearts that love you through your worries! Michelle Rustick

  • Alison Kirkland~ You are a bright spot in my heart. You are an amazing example of how to wear a smile and be faith filled. ~ Michelle

  • 2nd grade says a big "THANK YOU" for completing an observation!!

  • Thanks to Jamie and everyone who set up the Google Expedition...great experience for the children and the teachers!! ~2nd Grade

  • I have the best secret valentine! Thanks for spoiling me this week! ~ Bussey

  • Thanks Dave for always being so friendly each afternoon and keeping my room spotless! ~ Bussey

  • Kudos to Brook and Rhonda for staying 30 minutes off the clock to help me get a grocery delivery in that was running late getting here. They are always going above and beyond their requirements. A lot of people do not realize how much is involved in feeding 300 people with only 3 people. --Susan

  • Thanks coaches for letting an extra 5th group come to PE so I could be a part of the late arriving Google Expeditions training. -Amy Hudson

  • Thank you, Brittany Mundock and Sharon Norton for watching my class so I can take care of my girl! Bingel

  • Thank you, Susan Gittins and Pam Walker for being sweet, patient, and fun with Addie. Do you sleep in your classroom? I'm not sure how you do it all. Bingel

  • Kari Lee - I so much appreciate you helping me laugh off some crazy! Bingel

  • Jaime Vandergrift - The Google Expedition knocked our socks off! Thank you for organizing it. Bingel

  • Chadwick! Just come, stay, and teach my kiddos! Thank you for being flexible and willing to cover my class. Bingel

  • Bingel's Secret Valentine - What??!!! You've made my week. Thank you!

  • SO thankful for my fourth grade team! We're truly a family! Jo Elen

  • Thank you, Mesha, for inviting my sweeties to lunch. They adore you! Clara

  • Thank you, Sheri, for being so supportive and willing to fill any role, any time!!!! Much love, Clara

  • Ashlee Bingel for helping me out with ARM!! ~ Kimberlee

  • Kara for typing up the plans so much lately!! ~Kimberlee

  • Angie Cole for listening to all my craziness-all the time !! ~Kimberlee

  • Becky Brubaker for being an awesome ARM partner!! ~Kimberlee

  • Huge Thank You to Sharon Norton for making our colorful crayon tops. The students looked adorable! Siren

  • Thanks Amanda for letting me snag 5th graders from you so much! It take a portfolio village! --Jaime

  • Thank you to everyone who took part in our Google Expeditions day! It was certainly the most amazing experience, and I appreciate every one embracing and jumping in with their kids! --Jaime

  • Thank you Michelle Rustick for being exactly what my sweet boy needs every day! --Jaime

  • Missy, thank you for helping me with Chorus while Alison is out. You are awesome. --Pam

  • Thank you to whomever came up with the secret valentine. This has been fun to give AND receive. Two weeks is perfect. --Pam

  • Thank you, Jaime, for a fun-filled day with Google Expeditions! Jackie
  • Thank you, Sandra, for always having a smile on your face and coming in and scaring the tar out of my kids and me with your sedate, "GOOD MORNIN'!" :-) Jackie
  • Thank you to my 5th grade friends for making the weeks fly by with your wit and charm. The trenches are brighter because of you. :-) Jackie
  • Kim Bridges--you are the shining example of what a good friend is. Jackie
  • Kimberlee Wright--thanks for always keeping us informed on the new SS happenings and for sharing cool sites/links to engage the kids. Jackie
  • Wendy Butler--do you work here? :-) I miss seeing you every day! Jackie
  • I would like to sincerely thank everyone in the building that reached out to make Angela and I feel so very special this week. You all truly made my ​ smile! I'm so grateful for you all. Mesha
  • I know this may be cheating a little but...... whoever is my secret Valentine... you're AWESOME!!!! Thank you SO much!!! - Mesha
  • Cheryl thank you so much for following up with my CICO kid's teachers Monday afternoon when I had to go home sick. You are always so willing to help out with anything and I so appreciate you! Angela
  • Heather and your class...thank you so much for the beautiful cards your kids gave to me. I'm so glad I was in your class at that time and I was able to have a class hug and then hug each child individually! You put joy in my heart! Angela
  • Rhonda and your class...what fun it was for me to walk up to my door right when your class got through taping hearts with kind statements on them! I was so happy I got to hug each one of those sweet kids! Thanks for putting a big smile on my face! Angela
  • Anna and your class...I was so surprised when one of your kids said, "Ms. Miller, did you see the heart I put on your door for you?" I went out and saw so many hearts taped to my door. It made my day! Thank you so much for thinking about me! Angela
  • Kara and your class...what can I say?? What fun it was to find all those cards from your class today in my room. Then how great it was to go down to your class and get a class hug and individual hugs from all your kids and you! Sorry that one of them got a little over excited.... You definitely made me feel special! Angela
  • Kindergarten Teachers and your kids..... What a surprise! I walked up to my room and there is this huge beautiful heart with your kids names signed on it! You guys are so awesome! I don't think I can stop smiling! I loved it! Thank you all so much for showing your appreciation and caring! Angela
  • THANK YOU to my SECRET VALENTINE for the yummy Gigi's cupcake!! It's crazy how sugar can make my whole day!! --Jo Elen
  • Thank you Mrs. Angelo for being the best possible "boss" a girl could have. I can't imagine having it any other way... Brittany
  • Thank you to my sweet team and so many others for showing me your heart this week. It was much appreciated. --Brittany
  • Susan and Pam and your helped make my day so much fun! Thank you so much for bringing the flowers up to my room and surprising Mesha and me! We got great pictures, beautiful flowers and great hugs! Thank you for making this day even happier! --Angela
  • Holli, you and your sweet kids added another great surprise to my day when I found beautiful cards waiting for me. I love the sweet pictures and words that your kiddos wrote. Thank you so much for caring and adding to a joyful week! --Angela
  • Amanda, thank you for trading days with me this week when I was out with a stomach bug. You are always so flexible and I soooooo appreciate you! Angela
  • Nicole and your kiddos...I absolutely loved the imaginative and decorative cards your kids made for me! What great things they wrote! Thank you so much for putting another smile on my face today! --Angela
  • Jackie and your class...I love the class card that all of your kids made and signed for me! I love how colorful it is and how they all joined in by wishing me a Happy Counselor's Week. Thank you for thinking of me and continuing the fun Counselor's Week I've been having! --Angela