A Christmas Carol Play

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A description of this wonderful play

In the play A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens, a grumpy old man named Scrooge hates the idea of Christmas and he is soon visited by a ghost and he is told he needs to change his ways, this is what the play is about. You should see the play because the set is amazing. In the begging of the play you are shown his house and the around isn't house and it is very cool to see the book being made into the play! Next example is the acting is amazing. When you are watching the play the actors make it seem like this is just a normal part of your everyday life! Lastly the sound is also amazing an example of that is when the ghost of Marly is visiting Scrooge the sound makes it seem as if Marly has the loudest voice in the world! In conclusion the play is very spectacular because of the story, acting, set and sound!

Scrooges sacrifice

In the beginning Scrooge did not want to like the idea of Christmas. Then three ghosts visit him and then he realize he needed change his ways. He had to sacrifice his own ways for the happiness of others. What Scrooch day could've possibly been the most difficult sacrifice of his life!