ECPS Staff Memo

October 9, 2013

Important Information

As word has already gone out, I want to let you know of a program change at ECPS that will impact many of us. Because of the unusually low preschool student numbers we are in the position of needing to reduce our number of classrooms. This has been a painstaking process involving several layers of our organization to ensure positive outcomes for students and staff.

After careful consideration, it was decided to close Sherry Dyke's classroom. Sherry is reassigned to MCIC starting on October 28. This, of course, is not an easy decision for Sherry; however, my belief is that she will gain valuable benefit from her new placement and will be fully supported by staff there. Even so, I know that you share in my feeling of loss at having one of our own leaving. I know that you will respect Sherry's feelings by allowing her privacy as she deals with this.

Moving forward, there are some things we can do together to minimize the disruption and negativity that often accompany these kinds of changes:

Remain positive and professional with each other, with students, and with parents. What we are doing is best for kids - without funding we can't provide programming. What we are doing is best for staff - we have successfully avoided lay-off. We can greatly assist parents with any concerns about the changes by demonstrating our confidence in how we provide support for their children. I will be sending a letter home to the families impacted by this change by the end of the week and appreciate you letting me approach them with the news.

I have every confidence in you. I've seen you in action and know that you will go above and beyond for your kiddos, their families, and each other. Please let me know if I can help you with any concerns or questions.

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