Hedge Shears Don't Make a Good Hand

Abi McElwey

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Seven years ago, when I was four,me and my brother were playing a game.I was inside of my dad's truck and my brother was outside of the truck. We had the window open so that we could pass things back and forth. I stuck my hand out to pass something to my brother, but he didn't stick out his hand,instead, he stuck out a pair of bush cutters and tried to grab the item, he missed and caught my thumb. Then blood started gushing out everywhere. My dad brought me inside to clean it up and my mom rushed home.

Soon my mom arrived and took me to the doctor.When I got to the doctor,I was taken into a room and the doctors stitched up my thumb.First, they stuck something into my thumb and I started yelling at them to take it out because it really hurt. Then they started stitching up my thumb , that also hurt. Finally, after what seemed like hours, they were done. Along with the four blue stitches, I got four stickers for being tough.

I had to keep the stitches in for two weeks. After two weeks were over I went back to the doctor to get them out. It didn't hurt at all and I got four more stickers. After all, I'm not upset that this happened because I got eight stickers and the scar makes for a pretty good story. I love my battle scar!