Cellular Divison

Richie Gentile


10 question quiz on cell cycle

1. What is the cell cycle

2.Prokaryotic cells divide by a process called

3.The longest part of the cell cycle is the

4.The life cycle of a cell is called the

5.The phases of mitosis include

6.During the telophase stage of mitosis, the

7.The cell cycle of eukaryotic cells include the following stages

8.The genetic material that controls all the cell's activities is called

9.Humans have _ chromosomes

10.Chromosomes are held together by

10 question quiz on mitosis

During which phase of mitosis do the chromosomes line up along the middle of the dividing cell?

The two main stages of the cell cycle are called?

The first phase of mitosis is called?

Sea stars are genetically different from each other and from their parents. These genetic differences are the result of?

A protein called p53 can keep cells from dividing. To prevent cell division, this protein most likely stops?

When the DNA in a cell is uncoiled and spread throughout the nucleus it is called

The spindle fibers are produced by the

Cleavage furrows form in which type of cells?

Cells spend most of their time in what phase?


10 question quiz on meiosis

The number of cells produced by meiosis is ________ the number of cells produced by mitosis.

The number of chromosomes in daughter cells produced by meiosis is ________ the number of chromosomes in daughter cells produced by mitosis.

Which of the following is unique to meiosis?

Daughter cells produced in meiosis are identical

Chromosome duplication occurs prior to both mitosis and meiosis.

During which stage of meiosis do chromatids separate completely?

Cells reproduce by dividing in half and multiplying

Cell division is important because

The 5 phases of mitosis are