News from CCSD15 Board of Education

October 13, 2021

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Walter R. Sundling Recognition

A reception was held prior to the Board meeting to recognize Walter R. Sundling Junior High School (WRS) for its designation as a 2021 National Blue Ribbon School by the U.S. Department of Education. As previously shared, Sundling had the honor and pleasure of welcoming the Secretary of Education, Dr. Miguel Cardona, for a tour of a school. Dr. Cardona made the National Blue Ribbon School announcement and was joined by Dr. Carmen Ayala, State Superintendent, and Governor J.B. Pritzker. District 15 is so proud of WRS's latest achievement.

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Student Showcase

Elise Hackl, SIP Music teacher, attended the Board meeting with her students and their 8th grade buddy to share how they create and enjoy listening to music with their buddies. Atreya S., Sebastian G., and Reese R. also recited the Pledge of Allegiance.

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Illinois Association of School Boards Recognition

The Illinois Association of School Boards offers a number of programs to encourage Board members to continue to learn more about Board work and best practices in the area of governance.

Wenda Hunt, Board of Education member, received the Master Board Member recognition award, Level 1. Lisa Szczupaj, Board of Education President, received the Master Board Member Program recognition award, Level 2.

The Illinois Association of School Boards recognizes board members through the Master Board Member Program for the “above and beyond” time and effort they devote to IASB leadership activities and service to the public education community.

Congratulations and thank you, Mrs. Hunt and Mrs. Szczupaj, for all you both do as Board members.

COVID Update

Karen Flor, Health Services Coordinator, and Rebecca Latham, Chief Communications Officer, presented a monthly COVID Update for the District. They reviewed recent changes to guidance that have been shared with families including symptomatic students, exclusion, and outbreak qualifications.

SHIELD testing for early childhood and kindergarten students began on October 4.

The District is finalizing the logistics for the Test to Stay protocol with SHIELD. The District will hold the Test-To-Stay testing at the District office for those who qualify. Test-To-Stay allows students who are identified as close contacts to test on days 1, 3, 5, and 7 of exposure. Close contacts are then permitted to remain in the classroom as long as their test results continue to come back negative.

Staff who are not fully vaccinated and need to submit a weekly negative COVID test have the option to participate in SHIELD testing when the testing occurs at their school.

Impact of Driver Shortage

Claire Kowalczyk, Ed.D., Deputy Superintendent, and Thomas Bramley, Director of Transportation, presented the impact the ongoing bus driver shortage has had on our ability to transport our students.

The District has already taken multiple steps to address the driver shortage including sending multiple communications to families, hosting five job fairs with an additional five job fairs scheduled, doubling a number of routes, and enlisting additional District 15 employees with a CDL license to help cover routes and increase the timeliness of pick-up and drop-off on routes impacted by our driver shortage.

If the District continues to be unable to recruit and hire additional drivers, a 3-Tier Arrival/Dismissal Schedule may need to be implemented. The District is currently discussing all the options and logistics required for a 3-Tier system. Some school start times would change with this system.

The Board will continue to discuss this as a possible solution at our November Board meeting.

View the transportation update here

Discussion of the Intergovernmental Agreement with the Village of Palatine, D15, and D211 regarding the Downtown TIF Extension

Diana McCluskey, Chief School Business Official, provided a review of the Intergovernmental Agreement (IGA) between the Village of Palatine, Community Consolidated School District 15, and Township High School District 211 regarding the Village’s request for an extension of the Downtown TIF. She took questions from the Board to ensure their readiness for a vote later in the meeting.

View the IGA here

Analysis of Student Learning and District Response

Thomas Edgar, Ph.D., Assistant Superintendent for Educational Services, presented the preliminary analysis of student achievement data. District 15’s Commitment to Results is centered around achievement and growth, access and opportunity, attendance, and student behavior/discipline.

The report provided a comparison of District 15’s current and historic student achievement and highlighted the impact of the ongoing pandemic on available sources of data. Consistent with our commitment to students, the overall averages are disaggregated to illustrate differences amongst subgroups.

View the preliminary analysis of student learning and District response here.

Overview of ARP ESSER Spending Plan

Superintendent Laurie Heinz, Ed.D. presented the draft ARP ESSER spending plan and rationale to the Board. District 15 received just over 13 million dollars in federal COVID Relief dollars and expenditures include:

  • After school programming to address learning loss,

  • Specialized training to address student social and emotional needs,

  • Specialized reading and math interventions to address the needs of our most at-risk students,

  • Digital core literacy materials to address the needs of students learning remotely or in quarantine,

  • COVID-19 Related Supplies,

  • Technology Infrastructure Enhancements,

  • Renewed Library Materials,

  • Facility improvements to promote teaching and teaming,

  • Increased parent support by increasing hours of Bilingual Parent Liaisons.

Expenditures will help address academic, behavioral, and social-emotional impacts enhanced or brought on by the multi-year pandemic.

View the ARP/ESSER spending plan here.

Fall Housing Report

The fall housing report is an annual requirement by the Illinois State Board of Education (ISBE). Claire Kowalczyk, Ed.D., Deputy Superintendent, presented the 2021 report and student assignment plan. This plan provides information about how certified staff are allocated to meet the needs of the students enrolled in the District. District 15 currently has 11,109 students enrolled in preschool through eighth grade. This reflects a slight decrease over the last seven years, some of which could be due to COVID.

Over the last few years, District 15 has continued to add full-time teachers and clinicians to better meet the needs of students, and thankfully due to the COVID relief funds the District has received, we are able to offset the cost of these additional staff.

View the fall housing/student assignment report here.

Committee Reports

Education Research Development (ED-RED)

Board Member Frank Annerino shared that the legislature was not in session, therefore, he has nothing to report.

One-five Foundation Committee

Board Member James Taylor shared that the one-five Foundation held its annual meeting on August 16 where they nominated new executive board members. The Foundation is again offering mini-grants for teachers this year with applications due on Monday, October 18.

The annual 50/50 raffle will open on February 14 with the winner announced on March 17.

The Foundation will continue to fund Blessings in a Backpack and is planning a food drive prior to Thanksgiving. Stay tuned for more details.

Finance Committee

Board Members Wenda Hunt and Anthony Wang shared that their committee had not met there was nothing to report.

Equity Committee

Board members Samantha Ader and Zubair Khan shared that their committee had nothing to report.

Action Items

  • 9.1 Approval of Personnel Report: Administration, Certified, and Non-Certified - approved

  • 9.2 Approval/Disapproval of Mid-Year Teacher Resignation - approved

  • 9.3 Approval of Intergovernmental Agreement between Village of Palatine, CCSD15, and District 211 regarding the Downtown Tax Increment Financing District - approved

  • 9.4 Approval of Wold Architects and Engineers Proposal for HVAC upgrades at Stuart R. Paddock and Virginia Lake Elementary Schools - approved

  • 9.5 Semi-Annual Review of Closed Session Minutes (January - December 2019) - approved

  • 9.6 Bid Award #22-001 Treated/Untreated Rock Salt & Bagged Salt - approved

  • 9.7 AIA Agreement for Wold Architects and Engineers with CCSD15 - approved