Cross Country Skiing,Race of Winter

Written By Parker and Julian

What is Cross Country Skiing?

Cross Country Skiing, A sport created in Fennoscandian prehistoric times, is a race type sport based heavily on normal Cross Country Racing. This Race is a very good sport to play if someone seeks muscle exercise, cross country skiing exercises all muscles at once. Besides a sport, Cross Country Skiing is used in very cold and snowy countries for a form of transportation

What is used in Cross Country Skiing?

The equipment of Cross Country Skiing vary, but it mostly includes skies, a very heavy skiing coat, and long underpants, some people also bring food just in case they get stuck somewhere and can not get out until the rescue team finds them

Sochi Olympics 2014

The Race came down to the wire, but in the end Norway won with 5 gold medals and Germany and France tied for last with 1 bronze medal