Hollywood: Lights, Camera, Action!

'Stangs get ready for a Hollywood action-packed week September 20 -25. Day and night events are all based on our theme "Hollywood: Lights, Camera, Action!" and will feature some of your favorite movies and Hollywood themes.

Monday: Sit back, relax, and enjoy the movie

Day- Relax and enjoy the school day in your pajamas!

Night- Movie night on the football field make sure to look at twitter (@StangGangHHS) to vote for your favorite movie!

Tuesday: Dodgeball

Day- Jersey out! Sport your favorite team with jerseys, snapbacks, and tattoos

Night- Dodgeball in Moody gym at 7pm. Make sure to get a team and sign up!

Wednesday: Marvel day

Day- Dress up as your favorite superhero or marvel character

Night- Powderpuff at 7pm, Dalzell field

Thursday: Harry Potter

Day- Class distinction! Dress up in the color corresponding to your class

  • Freshman (Hufflepuff) - yellow
  • Sophomore (Ravenclaw) - blue
  • Junior (Slytherin) - green
  • Seniors (Gryffindor) - red

Night- Hogsmeade (tailgate) in the parking lot. Show up for food trucks and games!

Friday: Friday Night Lights

Day- Spirit out! Wear all your green and gold, parade at 1:15pm

Night- Go to football at Dalzell, Sophomores at 5 and Varsity at 7 vs Davenport West