WBS AIG Newsletter

November 2013

High Expectations = High Achievement

Students currently participating in AIG classes are continuously challenged with higher-level questioning, and assignment expectations. Students work rigorously in the classroom to prove their insight to others, and take pride in their accomplishments. As the AIG Specialist provides this learning environment outside of the classroom, the specialist and teachers collaborate to offer the same types of higher-level questioning and rigorous assignments within the regular classroom.

Practice these questions with your child to continue the exposure to complex and higher level questioning:

It's always a pleasure to watch the AIG students grow into such mature young adults by the time they finish 5th grade. A goal of the program is to challenge each AIG students' mind with new learning opportunities, instill effective communication skills with their peers and teachers, encourage independence and confidence with their learning's, and to ultimately prepare each student for middle school and beyond.

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Important AIG Links

Gifted Education Plan for NHCS

New Hanover County Schools' Gifted Education Plan has been rewritten and was approved by the NHC School Board and NC Department of Public Instruction. The new plan is in effect for the 2010-2013 school years. Please visit the link below to view theGifted Education Plan.




NHCS AIG Program

To learn more about the gifted education program in New Hanover County, please visit the county AIG web page http://www.nhcs.net/aig/

NHCS AIG Standards


Understanding the Common Core

A closer look into the common core math standards.

Upcoming Dates

Monday, November 18th - Gifted Advisory Council

6:00 pm – 7:30 pm
Codington Elementary School
TOPIC 1 (6:00-7:00): Social and Emotional Needs of the GiftedTOPIC 2 (7:00-7:30): Running a Successful Parent Organization
Presenter: Mrs. Evelyn Metcalf

Friday, November 22nd - WAPA at 8:15am in the AIG Room

Wednesday, December 4th - 5th Grade Dining Out Project DUE

NC Road Trip Project (4th Grade) will be due soon. We have not yet determined a due date.

Monday, December 9th - Match Meeting on nominated AIG students

Week of December 16th - 20th - I will be out this week, but there will be a sub here in my place.

Bloom's and DOK for Students

K-5 Services

K-5 Services

K-2 Nurturing ~ Discover, Explore, Nurture

The K-2 Nurturing program for AIG consists of push in and some pull out classes throughout the school year. I will visit K-2 classrooms to provide whole group lessons to encourage critical, creative, and higher order thinking skills. All activities are hands-on and address multiple intelligences. Thinking skills include convergent and divergent thinking, spatial and non-verbal reasoning, evaluation, analysis, and problem solving.

Enrich, Extend, and Accelerate

In grades 3-5, the AIG Specialist will provide enrichment, extensions, and acceleration as needed to meet the students' needs. The teachers will work closely with the Gifted Specialists in order to fully meet the needs of high-achieving students by adjusting the content, process, product and even the learning environment. It is important that lessons are correctly differentiated and challenging for individual students.

Service delivery is multifaceted and flexible and may consist of any of the following options:

· team teaching

· cluster grouping

· subject grouping

· resource units and/or classes

· cross grade grouping

· anchor activities

· curriculum compacting

· learning centers

· tiered assignments

· learning contracts

· computer based instruction

· independent study

Students who are performing above grade level may be pulled to work in a small group directly with the Gifted Specialist. A student does not have to be formally identified into the AIG Program to work directly with the Gifted Specialist. The pull-out groups will change throughout the year as the students' needs change.