God of the Wild

Who is Pan?

Pan is the the god of the shepherds and flocks, woods and pastures, and rustic music. He is also the god of companion of the nymphs. It is unclear who his parents are. Typically, he is known to be the son of Hermes. However, he is also understood to be the son of Zeus. His mother was most likely a nymph, but no one is certain.
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Pan was not a well liked god and was also considered unattractive. He had the legs and horns of a goat while having the upper body of a human. It is said that his voice was very deep, frightening anyone who heard him speak. He would chase nymphs and scare them all away.
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Tragic Love

Pan loved the nymph Syrinx very much. However, was disgusted by him and ran from away. In order to save Syrinx from Pan, she was turned her into a reed. Pan was very angry by what had just been done, but he soon realized how beautiful the reeds were. He loved the sound they produced so he created an instrument that he could bring anywhere he desired. This instrument is known as the Panpipe.

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