Manifest Destiny and Immigration

By: Zariah, Anaya, Catylin

Homestead Act, Transcontinental Railroads, Farming The Plains

Homestead Act

When-this act took place in May 20th, 1862.

who- President Abraham Lincoln


What-The homestead act was a program designed to grant public land to small farmers at low cost.

Why- The act gave 160 acres of land to any applicant who was the head of a household and 21 years or older, provided that the person settled on the land for 5 years and then paid a small filling fee

Transcontinental Railroad

Who-Governor Stanford

What-Railroads that stretch from the west of Mississippi and Missouri river to connect the Pacific Coast

When-May 10, 1869


Why-Linking the well developed railway network of the Eastern coast with rapid growing California

Farming The Plains



Why-Land in the far east California and Oregon was too expensive by 1800 for most settlers

Where-Middle of United States

What-People are farming the Great Plains because it was very dry and flat

Industrial Revolution Effects

Who- Immigrants,Americans

What-Movements in which machines changed people's ways of life

When-began in Britain in the 18th century,moved to different parts of the world(1852-1883)

Where-Began in Great Britain(England)

Why-Factories,why come(needed more workers)

Political & Religious Persecution

Who-Middle East, Islam ,Christians, Jewish(ancient roman,Christians)

What- Is the systematic mistreatment of an ndividual as a response to their religious belief or affilatiions or lack thereof.

When-Started in 1640's-till now sometimes

Where-Started in England in the 1640;s,for centuries in Europe

Why- the persection that was done to these individuals was because of the fact hey didn't believe in the same way of life was everyone else or their political belief wasn't the same