Prosthetic Parts

Modifying Prosthetic Parts

What are Prosthetic Parts?

Prosthetic parts are artificial limbs that are added to an injured person. For example if you lost a leg somehow, you could get a prosthetic leg to make up for your missing limb. Modern prosthetic parts work so effectively that it is very hard to tell if a person even has a prosthetic limb. There are many different types of replacements, and there are also many different parts of replacements. Some of those parts are the socket, the attachment mechanism, and the control system.

What are Prosthetic made of Today?

Prosthetic parts are made of many different things. Some of these things are silicon, different metals, "custom skin", and other things. The two types of plastic parts that mainly consist of the limb are called Polypropylene and Polyethylene. Polypropylene is the main part that supports the artificial limb, while Polyethylene is a softer plastic that is used for prosthetic interfaces.
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How could we Modify Prosthetic Parts to be more Mobile?

In order to make these limbs more beneficial to the person that is using them, you would have to pick products that would be more suitable for different types of patients. Also, we could use lighter-weight materials, and make these legs look more realistic using light-weight life-like skin.

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