SEM Elementary Coach's Corner

Nov.30 - Dec.5

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I am thankful!

I am thankful to work in a building full of amazing teachers who teach their students to LOVE to read! There is nothing that warms my heart more than seeing and hearing kids read! It gives me chills! I got to see so much reading this week! Thank you for instilling a love of reading in your students!

Reading + Math = complete engagement! Thank you Mrs. Ivy!

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Click the link below. Are you 'just a teacher'?

Kagan Korner

Quiz Quiz Trade is a great way to engage kids in a review of a concept.

Quiz-Quiz-Trade is a seven-step process. You must first have note cards that have questions on one side and answers on the other side. Give each student one of these cards.

Step 1. Have students stand-up, put their hands-up and then pair-up with someone else who has their hand up.
Step 2. Partner A quizzes.
Step 3. Partner B answers.
Step 4. Partner A coaches or praises.
Step 5. Switch roles.
Steps 6. Partners trades cards and raise their hands to find new partners.
Step 7. Repeat steps 1-6 a number of times.

See quiz, quiz, trade in action below.

Have parents asking questions about math strategies??

Don't forget about the student learning hub. There are many parent resources to share from what they can do to help at home to videos explaining the different math strategies. Use the link below or go to the parent link on the FISD website and click on the student learning hub. From there, click on Student and Parent Resources, math, Elementary, then scroll down to find your grade level.
Thank you for another great week at SEM! Hope you get to rest next week and count your blessings outside of school! Enjoy a well deserved break!
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