Mashburn Minute

Mashburn Elementary Dec 11, 2015

Thank You

Thank you for being amazing!

Thank you for giving 125% of yourself to Mashburn students!

Thank you for caring about your students and worrying about them!

Thank you for being willing to learn and grow!

Thank you for allowing me to be your leader and stand by your side!

Thank you for seeking my guidance when you need it!

Thank you for always doing what's best for kids!



Dec 12th - Chorus sings at Gladiators Game

Dec 14th - Committee Meetings

Dec 15th - Blue Bear Awards

Dec 18th - Pearls and PJ day


Jan 4th - Professional Learning Day - this is your time to collaborate, plan, and work with your teams

Jan 5th - Leadership Team Meeting

Jan 6th - PRIDE for 3rd-5th

Jan 11th - We will have a video crew doing some promotional videos (just fyi), new teacher mtg, House meetings

Jan 12th - leadership 7:30 data dig

Jan 13th - lockdown drill, Dr. Bearden here - NO JEANS

Jan 14th - We will have visitors in the building observing

Jan 18th - no school

Jan 19th - Blue Bear Awards K-2

Jan 21st - ESOL night

Jan 25th - faculty meeting

Jan 29th - PTA mother son event

The 12 Days of Christmas are still here!!!!! We hope you enjoy some fun daily treats!

Dec 11th - Seven Snowmen a Swimming (a fun little after lunch treat)

Dec 14th - Eighth day of Christmas - a small surprise gift delivered

Dec 15th - Nine tacky ladies dancing - wear your tackiest sweater (we will have prizes for the most tacky sweaters)

Dec 16th - Ten kernels a popping - you get a surprise treat delivered

Dec 17th - Eleven Pipers Pipping (we will deliver hot cider around the school in the afternoon)

Dec 18th - Twelve Delightful Dishes - Our amazing PTA will be providing Panera Soup in the data room during lunch time.

Want a great video to kick off any math lesson?

Try one of these. They were created by a team from Stanford University and aim to share research that shows that there is no such thing as a “math person”. Brain research shows that everyone can be successful in math. Each of these short videos can stand alone or be used to kick off a week of math lessons. If you like these videos, look for other fabulous math resources at

Day 1- Growth Mindset

Day 2- Brain Crossing

Day 3- Speed

Day 4- Patterns

Day 5- Mistakes

Did you know....

That last year we served over 13,000 lunches!!!!! WOW!

Thank you for teaching our kids that "failing is living"!

Here is the approved 2016-17 Student Calendar!