Mrs. Bitz and Miss. Meisner's News

February 12, 2016


This week in reading we continued to work in our non-fiction unit. We focused on using context clues including synonyms to define tricky words. And on using the glossary in times of need. These students have been doing an excellent job applying the skills and strategies we have learned here in class. I have been very impressed with how much growth I have seen in these readers since the beginning of the school year.

Next week we will continue with this unit and wrap up. We will be organizing content based academic vocabulary as we read and using all text features to fully understand the facts. This unit is really helpful when paralleled with our current writing unit!


DMH #19

Science HW pg 18-20

Science DPM Test #2 February 23

Spelling week 5


In Math this week, we finished up 3-digit addition/subtraction word problems. We started time this week. I went over the steps with students, and they glued the steps in their IMN (Interactive Math Notebook).

Here are the steps to telling analog time:

Steps to Telling and Writing Time

1. With a red crayon mark the Danger Zone.

2. Trace over the minute hand with the red crayon or put a red dot on it.

3. Write the lines ___ ___ : ___ ___ in the strategy section of the window pane.

4. Write the minutes first.

5. Find the hour hand.

6. Circle the two hours the time is between.

7. Write the letters DZ above the hour lines, if the minute hand is in the Danger Zone.

8. Carefully make your choice and write the hour.

Today, students completed a fun activity with candy hearts. I hope they had fun because I had fun watching them. The highlight to this activity was when students were able to eat the candy hearts. Next week in Math, we will continue to work on telling time. Math homework is DMH #19. Also next week, students will begin learning the four ways to tell time. Here is an example of the four ways to tell time:


45 minutes After 2:00

45 minutes Past 2:00

15 minutes Before 3:00

15 minutes Until 3:00

Language Arts

In writing this week we learned about Articles (a vs an) as well as adverbs. Students learned that when the word after the article begins with a vowel we need to put peacekeeper N in between them so they do not fight. We also learned that adverbs tell us when, where, and how we do something, the describe verbs and give more details to boring sentences.

We also started our super awesome animal research projects! Students got to choose an animal out of a list of 15. The original 15 were chosen based on resources available. Then students were partnered up and we all began the research project looking for facts answering the following 5 questions/ categories:

1. Characteristics of your animal

2. Habitat

3. Predator/ Prey/ Food

4. Life Cycle

5. Fun Facts

We researched all week long using Pebble Go and books from our library and next week we will begin writing. This project, when finished, will look like an animal magazine. There will be paragraphs for each of the 5 categories, a diagram of some sort, images with captions, and a glossary of terms. These are the things we will work on next week! :)


In Science this week, we continued to talk about matter. We talked about solids and liquids. We conducted investigations on liquids. For Science homework, students need to complet pp. 18-20. Also, there is an upcoming DPM #2 Science Test. Students will need to study pp. 28-52. The test will be on February 23rd.

I think that in both classes the Valentine's Day party was a success. I remember how much fun Valentine's Day was when I was in school. For my homeroom, a HUGE shout out to Cade Murray's family for donating the napkins and plates. Thank you to Mckinley Morris and family for donating the yummy, pink cookies. And lastly, thank you to Charlie and Stewart and their family for donating the Capri Suns. The kids really enjoyed it. I hope you all have a nice weekend!