Biotechnology Project

By: Katelyn Wilson

Role of DNA

DNA plays a major role in biotechnology by adding the ability of catching murderers and rapist and sequence the entire human genome. A sample of DNA can test a newborn for a genetic disease, analyze forensic, and study genes for cancer. Can identify remains of dead soldiers. Allowed us to study animals or plants leading to gene therapy and and what crops seem to grow poorly.

Biotechnology in DNA Testing

Biotechnolody helps a lot in DNA testing by providing medical testing and research to life science investigators. Helps find criminals by a sample of there hair, body fluids or skin. Can help find out or treat some diseases by making new drugs to cure them.

Biotechnolofy in Health Industry

A lot of medicines have been used by technology. It doesn't just make medicine, but also gene, cell, and tissue products, Helps with small molecule medicine and diagnostic medicine by making them in biotechnology. Penicillin was a first generation biotechnology, which helps make the medicine and treat patients.

Biotechnology in Enviromental Cleanup

Biotechnology helps clean up the environment by breaking down chemicals. Sewage Treatments recycles waste water before it gets to streams, lakes, groundwater, etc. Methane made by microbes used to fuel generators, digesters, and air compressors. Can help clean up oil spills or chemical spills also known as bio-remediation. Also uses fungi to soften wood chips in making paper.

Biotechnology in Agriculture

Biotechnology helped advance science in agriculture. Many new plants that have been grown have been produced by genetic engineers. Making new plants require modern molecular biology that recombine DNA technology. Also makes sure plants are safe to grow in the US. Makes sure the produce is safe to eat and for the environment. Can make application with conventional breeding easier. Speeds up breeding programs for living things. Solves many problems with limiting crops and livestock. Increases the amount of food that grows.

Negative Impacts of Biotechnology

Even though Biotechnology has a lot of advantages but there are also some bad things. Biotechnology helps grow crops but with all the crops growing the need to plow increase soil erosion. Even though it is good for the environment it also is bad for it, like all the chemical. The biggest negative thing is when biotechnology is not controlled and mixes with plants. Food created from biotechnology is not highly tested.

North Carolina National Ranking in Biotechnology is 8th

Biotechnology in Field of Medicine

My dad owns a biotechnology company that specializes in developing vaccines for human use. His company spent over 10 years developing and gaining approval for 2 vaccines. One vaccine is a combination type 4 & type 7 Adenovirus vaccines which is given to all military recruits when they first join the Service. The Adenovirus vaccine prevents a severe upper respiratory tract infection, similar to the flu, while recruits are in basis training.

The second vaccine is a Japanese encephalitis virus vaccine. This virus is carried by mosquitoes and is only found in Asia. It is a very deadly disease if someone is bitten by a mosquito carrying the virus. Therefore, travelers to Asia should be immunized with this vaccine.