North America

By: Christine and Kaitlyn


The major languages spoken in North America are English, Spanish, and French


1) Their form of government is Representative democracy

2) Freedom are what people in North America enjoy having


1) Christianity, Judaism, And Islam are the 3 main religions in North America

2) They all are monotheistic, they believe in only one God


1) Most people live in towns and cities but some live in the countryside, it just really depends

2) Their homes vary between 1-2 bedrooms and bathrooms and can be a house or an apartment

Family Relationships

1) Most people have large families but it just depends

2) Their families are organized by 2 parents, grandparents from each side of the family and from 2-3 kids per family

Social structure and wealth

There are 3 classes. Lower class, middle class, and high class. The majority of people are middle class. Since most of North America is democratic, the people earn their own money, as well as pay taxes.


Pop music is common amongst the populace. They often develop fashion from other countries. College students often earn degrees in art and literature to become authors and musicians. Popular artists are Katy Perry, Luke Bryan, and Eminem.


Children are usually educated at school or home schooled by parents. They learn about subjects like math, language, geography, and science.

land use

The government, property owners, and entrepreneurs own most land. In some areas of North America, agriculture is more common than others, depending on the environment and quality of soil.

trading networks

Trades are often made through harbors with other countries. People trade certain capitals, services, and goods that can be found all around the world.


Most people are white, with a number of immigrants as well. Latinos, Asians, and Europeans also make up a part of the populace. Women and men are given equal opportunities but often play different roles.