Christmas in France

December 25

History of France's Christmas and when the Holiday is celebrated and for how long

Nearly every French home at Christmas time displays a creche, which serves at the focus for the Christmas celebration. Creches are often peopled with little clay figures called "Little Saints". Also, the Christmas Tree was not so popular in France, and though the use of the Yule Log has faded, the French make a traditional Yule Log-shaped called the buche de Nol ( A.K.A. Christmas Log).In some parts of France, Christmas comes early when Father Christmas brings gifts and treats for the children on December 6th. They celebrated it until somebody left. These white stands fitted with blue lights at the Champs-Elysees Christmas market in Paris add wintery cheer.

Special foods that are eaten on Christmas

They ate foods such as ham, salad, cake, and fruit. They drink wine and water. For dessert, they had chocolate sponge cake, YUM! Les Treize Desserts de Noel, are enjoyed after Gros Souper in Province. The thirteen desserts are in reference to Jesus and his twelve apostles at the last Supper. They would also roast turkeys with chestnuts.

Customs and traditions

The traditional Christmas is a Yule Log. Like on my first one, I posted a picture of it. Santa brings candy and toys to the young children. They love all their goodies they find in their stocking, or under the tree. They love Santa. But they call him Father Christmas.
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Types of gifts that are exchanged

French Christmas traditions often highlight France's deep-rooted Catholicism. There are many traditions, and they are strongly integrated into the celebrations of most French families. From a special meal on Christmas Eve, to the exchange of gifts, traditions vary across different regions of France, as well as among different families.

Symbols and Decorations

Decorated with ornaments, glistening tinsel, and blinking fairy lights. It is very beautiful there on Christmas. They call their trees sapin because they don't lose their leaves in the winter. French Christmas Tree - Le Sapin De Noel en France.

The French Santa, He leaves gifts!

Father Christmas. He leaves treats and goodies for the kids. The sick and poor get presents too. They need it more than anybody else. They know to be good and polite so they will get presents from Father Christmas.
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