PK Math Talk

Charlotte Larson & Leslie Winters

**To view the Prezi from today, click the title above.

What is Math Talk?

Math Talk provides students an opportunity for deeper understanding through communication. The ideas presented in this session are based on the book Math Talk by Char Forsten & Torri Richards. Not all campuses have this book so check with your CIS to see if you already have it or not. If you would like to purchase a personal copy of the book, click the link below:

Order Math Talk Book with Amazon

Math Talk works best with PK-2nd grade classrooms.This session gives you the opportunity to create your own Math Talk pictures to either supplement the 21 provided in the book or help you incorporate this into your curriculum without the book.

Why Should You Do Math Talk?

1. Talk can reveal understanding and misunderstanding.

2. Talk supports robust learning by boosting memory.

3. Talk supports deeper reasoning.

4. Talk supports language development.

5. Talk supports development of social skills

Click HERE for Ready to Use Ideas made by Leslie

Need some inspiration? Click the green button above for samples you can start using today!! **NOTE: You will need to log in with your KISD credentials to view these.

Click HERE for the Handout from Today's Session

**NOTE: You will need to log in with your KISD credentials to view this.


We have learned a new trick today that we would like to share with you!! If you find a picture that you cannot live without that is not in png format, you can edit out the background with preview.

Here's how (this is for Mac users only):

  • Save the image you want to use
  • Open the saved image in Preview
  • Click the brief case icon (if you don't see that icon, click the view menu at the top & then click show edit toolbar)
  • Click the magic wand
  • Click & drag on the image until the background you want to remove is selected in pink
  • Click delete (you may need to do this in sections if there is a lot of white in your pic)
  • It auto saves for you so now you just copy/paste or insert into your math talk pic

You can also try to edit out the background straight from PowerPoint. Here's how:

  • Click on the picture to select it
  • Click Format Picture
  • Click Remove Background
  • Adjust the box to colorize anything you want to keep (the pink areas will be deleted)
  • Click outside the picture box and the background will disappear.