Clio High School

January 4, 2021

Information from Mrs. Taylor

Dear Parents and Guardians,

Hello! I hope all is well with you and your family. I wanted to provide some important updates from Clio HIgh School

As the semester is coming to a close, we as a staff have made some important decisions regarding upcoming exams. Here's where we are:

1. The attendance policy WILL NOT be enforced this semester.

2. Final exams are OPTIONAL (for students passing their classes) this semester.

3. If a student wants to take a final exam, the exam WILL NOT lower a student's grade.

4. If a student passes the exam with a 60% or better, the student WILL pass the class with a D-.

Here's other important information to be aware of:

1. If a student chooses not to take the exam, he/she is still REQUIRED to attend and engage in ALL classes until the date of the exam. If a student does NOT do that, the student will be required to take the exam. Attendance and participation is expected.

2. Exams WILL be taken on school grounds. We WILL maintain social distancing. Students will need to sign up to take exams. This information was shared with students today.

Students were given final exam review guides PRIOR to break. Please remember, teachers have recorded videos and information in their Google platforms to allow any student the opportunity to catch up.

I have included a video link for you to review that I shared with students before winter break. Please understand - we know this has been a difficult time for all. We want to do what we can to alleviate as much stress as we possibly can.

Here's the link to our presentation:

Here's the link to fill out for exam sign-up/opt-out form:

We are currently working on the master schedule for our second semester. It's right around the corner - Tuesday, January 19th! Superintendent Spears sent out a letter in November informing everyone that, as of now, we need to stay the course as far as allowing more students back in the building. This means:

If your student is currently FACE-TO-FACE, your student will be placed in the same platform. If your student is currently ONLINE, your student will be placed in the same platform. If you would like to move from F2F to online, you may switch platforms. Unfortunately, if you selected online in the fall, and you anticipated having your student come back in the building at the start of second semester, he/she will not be able to come back AT THIS POINT. We work closely with the health department, and once they give us the clearance to allow more students back in the building, we will do so. We are asking you to please fill out the following form to update the status of your student's learning platform for second semester:

Please follow this link to select your preference for your student(s) at Clio High School for the second semester:

Again, please understand we cannot move students from online to face-to-face until we have clearance. Once we do, we will use the data from this form to make the requested changes.

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact me.

Mrs. Lisa Taylor

From the counseling office

With the virtual learning being extended, I wanted to send out a reminder of a way to reach out for help if you are struggling.

If you would like assistance with school/class stuff (homework, tests, studying), complete this form

If you would like assistance with technology (internet, Chromebook, logins), complete this form

If you have any tech questions, please contact them.

There have been a few emails asking about changing second semester schedules. Just like we always do, there will be a form that you will be able to fill out next week in order to request changes to your second semester schedule. The only way to get a change to your second semester schedule is to complete that form when it comes out next week. At this time, no classes will be changed based upon an email to a counselor. Please wait for the form next week. Use this time to study and prepare for exams!