Teens Avoiding Predators Online

By: Caylee Power

I am writing about Predators online. You should always keep your e-mail address, phone number, your age, and many other things about you private. You don’t want someone to find that out and steal your identity. Those people are called predators. A predator my try and talk to you and get you to do things you shouldn’t.

Be aware of the dangers you could face on the internet. You should not put down information that could be used to find you. Like your phone number, school name, team name, or e-mail address. Predators can use those to find you. If you are in a chat room make sure there is a moderator who monitors the chat room. If there is the chat room is less likely to predators.

The thing that makes predators so dangerous online is that they can use anonymousness to pretend to be someone else. They may use pictures of someone else and say they are them. No matter though if you are chatting you will never know who the person really is. If you are face to face you will know how old the person is. What they look like. Their gender and what their voice sounds like.

Sometimes predators send private chats to unsuspecting users. They can make contact through message boards and chat rooms. Predators first messages can seem harmless because they try to seem friendly and caring. Then they start asking personal questions. Do not answer them. They could be stalking you.

That was my report on teens avoiding predators online. I hope you like it.