OCPL Weekly Update

January 7, 2015

Teens & Main Circ

Next Week for Teens:

We are starting a new program in January called “Teen Coffee House,” starting the 12th. Each week, we’ll have free coffee, hot chocolate and snacks. Teens will have space to play games and study or just hang out. We’ll also have a special activity that changes each week. On January 12th, teens can drop in anytime during the coffee house to complete our “Horcrux Hunt.” Just like Harry Potter, they’ll search for each horcrux. Everyone who finds them will be entered for an iTunes gift card! We will have other prizes, too.

Also on the 12th, we are starting back to Book Besties. We can still use volunteers for this program as well as Maker Mondays (at Main), Tinker Tuesdays (at the branches) and Adventure Time. Please encourage students who need service hours to sign up for opportunities on our teen page: www.oldhampl.org/teens.html

Happy New Year, everyone!


Mahan Library

I hope everyone had a great New Year! Two of our main goals for the first part of 2016 are to clean up/organize the storage room and do weeding in the kids’ area. Shannon was kind enough to go through the books we planned to weed and take some of them back to Main. Thanks, Shannon! Thanks also to Kendra for working on getting the last of the Christmas decorations down. The decorations looked great, but it’s kind of nice to get back to normal.

While I was writing this report, I got a call from one of the NOHS art teachers. Looks like we’re going to have more art displayed at the library very soon. That’s definitely good to hear!

See you next week!


Main Library

I want to thank all of my coworkers for a great December and holiday work season in general. Here’s looking forward to a happy and peaceful new year. One of my resolutions is to deliver those boxes of books choking my office to Half Price Books where they will be recycled. Hopefully now that I’ve publicly committed I’ll actually do it.

My display for “books you may have missed” was fruitful, most items circulated at least once. It was interesting, before I pulled them most lived on the bottom shelf. I would think that many books on the bottom don’t circulate as they should. Just food for thought. Have a great week.


Outreach & Adult Programming

Monday starts the Adult Winter Reading Challenge and YOU can win prizes! YES, YOU! Make sure you fill out the Staff RA survey before the 15th to be entered to win a gift card. We’ve already got some great responses, but are looking for more. All the answers will be compiled and sent to everyone to help you in helping patrons find books that fit their Bingo sheets. The WRC runs till March 12th. Full instructions and supplies will be arriving before Monday at the branches.

LINK TO STAFF RA CHALLENGE: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1xkUJCE4JIdEmBdnoR4BwSMR28mhs-yTO6U_VnO-ZK_0/viewform

If you didn’t see it, I made an infographic featuring the top 20 books checked out from OCPL in 2015 for adults, teens, MG, & Children. (Thanks to Mary M. for supplying me with the numbers to do this.) You can see the results here: http://www.oldhampl.org/2015_top_books.html

Please help promote the free NCRC testing at the Main Library. This is a really great opportunity for anyone looking for a job in manufacturing. We need to get sign-ups for it!


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South Oldham Library

The new year has gotten off to a rocky start at South Oldham. There was a flood in the restroom on Tuesday afternoon and when I went to the storage room to retrieve a mop I discovered a flood in there as well. It turns out the drain was clogged up. Dennis brought a drain snake from home and he and John attempted to clean it out, but were unable to do so. I called the plumbers and they determined that the sewer pipe outside had been damaged when the contractor installed the fiber optic lines. The repair was made on Wednesday, but not before we were without a working restroom during storytime!

We had a very pleasant surprise visit from our newest Board member, David Hutchinson, on Tuesday afternoon. He and his wife were in the area for a dentist’s appointment and he decided to stop by since he had not been here before. We took him on the “grand” tour and had a nice conversation with the two of them. Coincidentally, he is very familiar with the area where Julie’s husband grew up and they reminisced about people and places. She was able to catch him up on many of the changes that have taken place since he was last there.

Finally, our newest bulletin board is up with the January snow theme. Julie came up with a fabulous idea using mittens and “snowballs”! Great job, Julie!