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October 30, 2020

PSAT on January 26th for Juniors and Sophomores

This year, the PSAT (Practice SAT) will be offered to all Juniors and Sophomores. Normally, we would offer this test in October. This year, however, the date was pushed back to January 26th.

Here is a quick summary of information about the test:

  • The test is optional for both grades, but does provide an excellent opportunity to practice before taking the actual SAT.
  • This is more imperative for Juniors as they will take the SAT in April this year. This is the only test that will allow a Junior to enter into the National Merit Scholarship competition.
  • The District will sponsor the test for all Juniors and cover the associated fees.
  • If your Sophomore student would like to take the test, there is a $17 fee.
  • Bus transportation will be provided for either grade that will need the transportation.
  • A hard copy of the letter shown below will also be mailed to all 10th and 11th grade families this weekend.

Please call us should you have any questions that are not answered by the letter or the form.

Letter about the PSAT

TO REGISTER FOR THE TEST, your STUDENT must complete this form! PSAT FORM

New Schedule (or old schedule) for Monday! Monday is an A day.

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Course Selection Process for 2021-22 to begin in November

It's that time of year again -- already! Current Freshmen, Sophomores, and Juniors will begin meeting with their counselor to select their courses for next year, 2021-22.

Here are some things that you should know as a parent:

1) You will be receiving in the mail (with the PSAT letter) a set of forms that students will need in order to complete the course selection process.

2) 9th graders will receive:

  • a copy of all their classes for this year
  • the form that will need to be filled out to keep; they will do this form electronically
  • the course list of courses that are available to 9th graders.
3) 10th and 11th graders will receive:
  • a unofficial copy of their transcript
  • the form that will need to be filled out to keep; they will do this form electronically
  • the course list of courses that are available to 10th-11th graders
4) All students will meet with their counselors during their PE or Health classes. Counselors will be starting with 9th graders and then move on to the upper grades.

5) This process will begin on November 9th and continue through November and December.

On Friday, November 6th, all students will be sent a short presentation to watch with information they need to know in order to begin selecting their courses. It is highly recommended that parents watch these videos with their students, and help the students select their courses. Parents should help students think about future goals, balance, and career options. This is a unique opportunity for parents to be involved right from the beginning.

Just as a reminder, these are the counselors for each alpha slice and all grade levels.

Jessica Telander, A - F ext. 2115

Ninfa (Liz) Rohrbach, G - O ext. 2112

John Kohl, P-Z ext. 2110

Co-op Bowling Team set to start....

Extracurricular activities are a positive component to the school experience. If you have a student who does not yet have a winter activity, bowling is a great sport to try. It is low stress, builds strong mental health, strengthens muscular coordination and promotes positive relationships with teammates and opponents. Students can participate in this sport for the rest of their lives. We hope you consider encouraging your student to find a winter activity to participate in.

Students can try-out for the Woodstock cooperative bowling team this fall, the boys and girls

bowling season begins with try-outs on November 16th. A preseason meeting will be held prior

to November 16th, the date and time is to be announced. Our home alley is Kingston Lanes in

Woodstock. You can find practice and match schedules at . If you

have any questions, you can contact the boys coach, Derek Lee at .

Social and Emotional Screening Tool to be provided for students...

D200 is committed to providing a wide range of support to all students. Because of this, we want to be sure that during these very stressful times, we are watching carefully for signs that students are struggling.

The SAEBRS (Social, Academic, and Emotional Behavior Risk Screener) is a brief and efficient tool for universal screening of student risk for social-emotional and behavioral problems for students in Grades K through 12.

All students 9-12 will be asked to complete a very brief 10 minute survey. This will be done in either their Health or PE classes. Our counseling staff will assist in this work and look specifically for students that need support during this time.

New Mental Health Resource from McHenry County Mental Health Board

Telehealth is here! Do you have new concerns about your student? Sleeping more? Struggling to engage or stay focused? Experiencing atypical behavior? Find strategies to address these issues, find support to help you or a loved one. Remember "it's okay to not be okay" ... we are all in this together so please don't suffer in silence.

Use the new service directory at: - McHenry County Mental Health Board for call us at 815-455-2828 for resources.

Please use the link below to view the new Telehealth Promotional Video on Facebook that has been created by the Mental Health Board. Click once on the video to open it for sound (if needed).

The McHenry County Mental Health Board is here for you, please let us know what we can do.

Did you know that October was Manufacturing Month? Your student can sign up for these classes.....