Towslee Family Newsletter

January 20, 2023

Important Dates

Jan 25 Reading MAP Test K-5

Feb 1 Math MAP Test K-5

Feb 6th Kindergarten Registration Opens

Feb 8th No School for Students

Feb 9th Parent/Teacher Conferences 4:30-7:30

Feb 11 BCSD Excellence Showcase

Feb 14th Valentine's Day Classroom Parties

Feb 16th 5th-grade music recruitment trip to the high school

Feb 20th No School

Feb 23 5th Grade Music Recruitment Parent Meeting

Feb 27 BCSD Family First Night

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PTO Update

Important Highlights from PTO Newsletter:

Towslee Winter Spiritwear Sale

We have started our Winter Spirit Wear Sale through Key Profits! All items will be distributed to your child in school. The store will close Sunday, January 29th at 11:59 PM.

Please use this link to order.

Dairy Queen Celebrity Scooper PTO Fundraiser on Tuesday January 24th from 5-8pm in Brunswick.

Reminder deadline to order tickets for our Towslee PTO night at the Monsters is next Thursday Jan 26th. TIckets are for Friday Feb 24th 7:00pm game.

PTO Newsletter for Jan 20, 2023

2nd Grade Gifted Screening

Camp Invention

Camp Invention’s new Wonder program will take place at Huntington Elementary School the week of June 12-16, 2023. It is open to Brunswick City School District students entering grades 1-6. Nearly 500 students participated over the past two years, and the camp has proved to be AWESOME! Camp Invention is a hands-on STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) experience. This year, the Brunswick City School District is able to offer it to our Brunswick students at a reduced tuition rate of $130. Please follow this link to register your child. Questions? Contact Ellen Foster at 330.273.0444 or via email at

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Counselor's Corner

Counselor’s Corner

Leanne Lalos

Towslee/Hickory Ridge

January 2023

Welcome to 2023!!! I hope everyone had a wonderful winter break! I have completed the first half of the Second Step lessons with all fourth and fifth grade classes. These students learned about Skills for Learning (focusing attention, listening, being assertive and using self-talk) and Empathy (understanding or feeling what someone else is feeling). All of these things equal respect! The next round of lessons for kindergarten and first grade will be held this month.

For all grade levels, there are activities and explanations of the Second Step lessons online. Please see the parent links below for more information and how you can work with your child on these concepts at home.

Establish Daily Routines to Start the New Year

No one has to nag most of us to brush our teeth. It’s part of our regular routine. Routines can make it much easier for your kids to do their chores without nagging. Once a job becomes a regular part of the day, it will usually get done without much comment or complaint.

Here’s how to set up a routine:

  • Talk about a problem at a time other than when it’s happening. If you’re yelling about unfinished homework, it’s not the time to come up with an action plan.

  • Involve your child. You might say, “I’m sick of nagging you about homework. I’ll bet you’re sick of it too. Let’s figure out a way to get it done without so much conflict.”

  • Put your plan in writing. Create a checklist for things your child should do after school.

  • Be patient. Your child will take a few days to get into a new routine. He/she may slip up a time or two.

  • Review and change. If your child has made a good faith effort and the plan still isn’t working, it’s time to make some changes. Keep trying and you will have a routine both you and your child can live with.

Source: Chores without Wars. Prima Publishing, A Division of Random House, Inc.

The Second Step Program has a link that parents can utilize to reinforce the skills that their children have learned for the week. All you need to do is the following:

Use this link then enter the following Activation Key:

Kindergarten- SSPK FAMILY70 Look for Lessons under Home Link

1st Grade-SSP1 FAMILY71 Look for Lessons under Home Link

2nd Grade-SSP2 FAMILY72 Look for Lessons under Home Link

3rd Grade-SSP3 FAMILY73 Look for Lessons under Home Link

4th Grade-SSP4 FAMILY74 Look for Lessons under Home Link

5th Grade-SSP5 FAMILY75 Look for Lessons under Home Link

Families, at times, struggle to make ends meet. See links below for local food distribution centers and food banks.



Please contact me via the Mach Form attached to the Principal’s newsletter if you have any questions or concerns about your child. In addition here is a link to outside counseling services.

If you have any other questions or concerns, please feel free to contact me :-)

Leanne Lalos

School Counselor

Brunswick City Schools

Hickory Ridge Elementary School

Towslee Elementary School

330-225-7731 ext. 1518

Excellence Showcase

On Saturday, February 11th, Brunswick City School District will host an Excellence Showcase and community open house at Brunswick Middle School from 11:00 am - 1:00 pm. The event will include a “State of the Schools” presentation, art show, student performances, student demonstrations, and allow each of our buildings to showcase excellence in their school. We are excited to share the AMAZING things happening in our district with you!
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Towslee Cookbook

You can still submit your recipes!
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Towslee Calendar

Please use this link to access our Towslee Calendar. This is found at the top of Towslee's homepage that is accessed through the district site.

Towslee Breakfast Menu

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Towslee Lunch Menu

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Pictures from the Week

See our Twitter Page (@BCSD Towslee) to see some pictures from this week!

Previously Shared

An Opportunity to Recognize Our Staff

"B" 4 Excellence allows employees and community members to recognize BCSD employees who are working hard to serve our students. This award seeks to recognize staff members who exemplify the BCSD commitment to excellence and the pillars of our strategic plan: empower, nurture, inform and grow.

To nominate a deserving employee, please complete the short NOMINATION FORM.
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Mrs. Selby's Website

Car Rider Procedures Reminder

A couple of reminders about car rider procedures. The solid red line below represents the route cars should take to enter the lot for drop-off or pick-up. Please note, cars should not be lined up in the high school parking lot. Please make sure you have the sign with your child's name displayed at pick-up every day. We know many of you are there every day and many staff recognize you & your car. However, we still the need sign displayed daily. Thank you! Please let the office know if you are in need of a new sign.

Car Rider Procedures

Due to the increase in the number of car riders this year, we are needing to make an adjustment to our current procedures to ensure safety of all of our students, families and staff. The new procedures will be in effect on Monday, September 19, 2022. This change will not result in a quicker procedure so I apologize for any changes with the timing but safety is our top priority. Thanks for your patience and understanding.
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Car Rider Arrival

  • Cars will enter the high school lot closest to Towslee off Excellence Drive. Please note on the map the preferred route to access this entrance to prevent back-up on Excellence Drive. Cars will loop through the Tri-C lot. Cars will turn right into the Towslee lot. (This entrance will be blocked until 8:45). Cars will make a loop around the perimeter of the lot and pull up to the area where students will exit the car. Cars will be in a single file line.

  • The first car will pull up to the Gaga pit. We will have six cones to indicate stopping points for students to exit. Students should exit from the passenger side of the car.

  • The six cars will exit the Towslee lot and turn right into the high school parking lot.

  • The next group of cars will pull up to the first cone and the process will continue.

Car Rider Dismissal

  • Cars will enter the high school lot closest to Towslee off Excellence Drive. Please note on the map the preferred route to access this entrance to prevent back-up on Excellence Drive. Cars will loop through the Tri-C lot. Cars will turn right into the Towslee lot in a single file line. (This entrance will be blocked until 3:25). Cars must have the provided orange sign on the dashboard. A staff member will use a walkie to read the name of the student and assign a cone number (Ex: Trujillo Cone 1). Cars will make a loop around the perimeter of the lot and pull up to the assigned cone. Students will be waiting at the assigned cone.

  • Students will enter the car from the passenger side.

  • Cars will continue straight and exit the Towslee lot making a right turn only into the high school lot.

Town Hall Meeting

Town Hall Meeting - New Facilities Page on Website

On Monday, August 29th, BCSD hosted a Construction Bond Town Hall. The goal of this event was to share the project's scope and cost with our community so they can make an informed decision on November 8th. In July, BCSD was notified by the Ohio Facilities Construction Commission (OFCC) selected BCSD as one of five districts in the state of Ohio to receive funds to offset the cost of constructing a new high school. The OFCC will pay 39% ($42.6 million) of the proposed high school construction project if the community can raise the local share. This bond issue will cost homeowners in our district $7.14 monthly for every $100,000 of home value.

For more information, please watch the archived version of the Town Hall (click HERE) or read an article in the Medina Gazette that provides a summary of the Town Hall (click HERE).
Town Hall Meeting - Construction Bond (August 29, 2022)
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Free/Reduced Lunch Application

Free/Reduced Lunch Application

During the past two school years, the Federal Government provided funding for free breakfast and lunch for all students. That funding is no longer available. As a result, many families will no longer have access to free breakfast and lunch. BCSD will continue to provide free/reduced lunches to students who meet eligibility criteria. To determine if a student is eligible to receive free/reduced lunch, please use this LINK to complete the application. In addition, students who qualify for free/reduced lunches may also be eligible to have their school fees waived. Please reach out to our Nutrition Services Coordinator Karen Becker with questions.

School Information

Please see Towslee's website (found on the District site) for more information including car-rider arrival/dismissal procedures. Our School Handbook is located on this site as well.
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BCSD Family Resources Page

This will be linked at the bottom of each newsletter. Please visit this site to access resources, links, forms that you may need throughout the year.

District Calendar

District Calendars

Please refer to the approved calendar when making plans throughout the school year.

2022-2023 School Calendar

Safety Tip Line

Safety Tip Line

The Brunswick City School District is proud to partner with SaferSchools Ohio to provide our families with a free resource for keeping our schools safe. The anonymous tip line service helps alert local law enforcement to potential school safety crises. By calling or texting the statewide tip line - 844-SAFEROH - you can report anything suspicious or endanger to you, your friends, or your school. No tip is too small. Click here for more information

Principal Read Alouds

Principal Read Alouds

Please feel free to have your children use the above link to listen to previously shared "Principal Read Alouds." I will add them throughout the year! Our first day of school read aloud and the books I shared to help introduce PRIDE during spirit week are in the virtual library. Students watched these videos in class already as their teachers used them as starting points for their classroom discussions and instruction.

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Stay connected to what's happening at Towslee by following us on twitter @BCSDTowslee

Towslee House Website

We have created a website with information about our Towslee Houses. There is a video overview on the "General House Information" page from Mrs. Trujillo.

Towslee Houses!

5 Houses, 1 School Family

Brunswick PRIDE: Performance, Respect, Integrity, Determination, & Effort

PBIS Gold Award!

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Towslee Gold Recognition!

Congratulations to our PBIS teams and our entire staff for all of their work in successfully implementing PBIS. Towslee was 1 out of 29 schools in the state of Ohio to earn this recognition. I'm incredibly proud of our staff! Our students directly benefit from their dedication to priortizing social-emotional needs. Please see the "B" in the Know video below that explains this recognition in a little more detail.
'B" in the KNOW! PBIS
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