One Aerator Pourer Chiller

The Life of the Party

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Get a Chilling Experience of Wine with One Aerator Pourer Chiller

Chillaerator is the cutting-edge technological method to serve wine instantly at its best serving temperature. It makes serving a smooth affair; you don’t need ice and no pouring hassles whatsoever. Our one aerator pourer chiller solves your party needs.

Alchemy of wine and temperature…

Different kind of wines are served in different temperatures, a slight change of temperature will affect the wine to a greater extent. May it be white wine or red wine; it must be served at its best served temperature to get the real taste of it.

White –wine temperature standards:

White wine should be served cold, but most of the time you will find it served very cold. The ideal temperature for the white wine is in between 43°F to 52°F. The Chillaerator serves the purpose by cooling it to its desired temperature within the bottle.

Red wine Temperature requirement:

For red wine room temperature is considered to be the ideal temperature but with Chillaerator now you have the freedom of going out in the hot sunny beach and enjoy the wine. The perfect serving temperature of red wine falls between 54°F and 68°F, Chillaerator cools it by 10°F to 15°F as soon as you insert it into the bottle.

Importance of Aeration:

As the wines are bottled for a long time, they need aeration to release their aroma which eventually enhances the flavor and taste of the wine. Now you can instantly aerate and enjoy the original taste of wine anytime, anywhere. You could also let white wine a little air to breathe which will bring out the majestic taste out of it.

If you are a party lover or you have great admiration for wines or if you are someone who loves to sit back and enjoy glass of wine then one aerator pourer chiller will serve you the best.