The Truths of Mortality

A Multigenre Portfolio

Multigenre Project 1-Beowulf's Grave

This is a symbol of mortality in Beowulf. This symbolizes how Beowulf, even the greatest warrior, is still mortal at the end of the day. His death is shown by how the body is empty on the inside and no one can out power death. But the empty “husk” also portray that even in death someone can leave a legacy behind that others will remember. This was made by using saran wrap and tape and wrapping my body parts. Then it was cut and re taped and put together.
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Multigenre Project 2-Canterbury Tales Diary

For this project I wrote diary entries of the knight from Canterbury Tales. This was an expedition with the knight with his comrades before his pilgrimage from the story. I related the theme by showing that the anyone, like the knights, felt like they were not unbeatable and that they felt they could not be killed. However, seeing the black knight massacre his friends in front of him with ease made the knight realize he was just a mere human. He finally felt that they all could die, even his hero Blacwin. He also used the fact that anyone could die, even the black knight, to help him get the strength to honor his friend and kill the black knight. After the rainy night, he truly felt like just a tree.

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Multigenre Project 3- Beowulf Ballad

My reason behind this ballad was in the original text Beowulf seemed so strong that even facing death he still keeps fighting not wanting to die. I wanted to write about what would happen if he lost the sense of urgency and did not have to worry about death. This was a ballad about mortality of just one of the many adventures Beowulf had twenty years before he face the dragon and died. He faced what he thought was an evil man and saved this old lady, so in return she gave him a ring that would make him immortal. However, this was a witch in disguise. She knew he would think this be great not able to die but it would make him have less of an urge to fight. Beowulf did realize that being mortal gave an extra thrill to fighting and knowing that he could die made him want keep getting stronger so he would not get killed. After realizing he could not remove the ring he faced the witch but no attacks would work. Instead, he tricked her into a bet by saying he could leave her chamber and the ring stays. He did this by chopping his finger off leaving it there. He won the bet and got sent back to before he got the ring. He learned mortality is what makes everyone special and that everyone should embrace it and live to the fullest.

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Reflection Letter

Dear Reader,

The multigenre project was very different experience for me, which taught me many things. I chose mortality to be the theme of my project because I thought I could put twists into each individual projects, and I soon realize it was not all easy. One thing I learned from doing this project is all the different kinds of ways I could portray a theme through each project. I believe I did a good job overall because l especially on not being repetitive with or having the same basic story for each project. I think I did well on that because I really wanted to show there is different ways to write about mortality and, I had fun doing that. I believed coming up with the ideas and doing the Beowulf grave was easy to do. I had fun coming up with the ideas and doing the tape mannequin was only time consuming. However, the hardest part would have had to be the ballad because I had the idea of what I wanted, but I had troubles keeping the pattern. If I had to this whole project again I would make the diary entry and the ballad longer, and I would add to the mannequin to where it look like it was on a pyre on fire. Overall, I think the project was fun and different from regular work, which was very relieving.


Steen Anthony