Digital Library Services

Online library services available anywhere at anytime

Did you know we have over 1300 eBooks available on our Library catalogue.

eBooks are free for Students and Staff to borrow. View this PowerPoint if you need help using the catalogue.

Watch this video to see how easy it is to borrow an OverDrive Read eBook.

Free Library Apps

Access the content you want, when you want it

Where can I access AHS online resources from?

You can access AHS online content anywhere you can access a WiFi connection.

If you have 3G you can also connect via this, however please be aware that you will be charged according to your mobile provider package.

"OPAC" AHS Library Catalogue

All Hallows' has thousands of online resources available to Students from our Library catalogue.

To find the Catalogue go to Moodle and click on the brown Catalogue icon on the left.

Login using your student number for both your login and password, to access:

  • Pathfinders for Assignments
  • Clickview video files
  • PDF documents of full text resources
  • Websites
  • Databases
  • eBooks and Audiobooks
  • Instructions

Any problems please see or email library staff

AHS Archives

All Hallows' School has a comprehensive collection of Photos, and other historical documents about our All Hallows' School.

You can access the Archives collection From Moodle or click this link

Potter Library Moodle Page

Many of our online resources are accessed via our Potter Library Moodle page.

We have information about the Library, access to the Library catalogue, Instructions on how to use equipment, programs and other library services. We also have reading, referencing, databases and pathfinder resources to point you in the right direction.

Have a look today.

Need help researching?

Take a look at our Research Made Easy (RME) Model.

RME has broken the research process down into 6 stages and steps you through everything you need to know about Defining your question, Locating resources, Selecting information, Organising your content, Communicating the task and Reviewing the research process.