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In Commemoration of Albert Speer

Albert Speer and What He Did

Albert Speer was a part of the Nazis in WWII and was assigned to be the Minister of Armaments he was also a personal architect for Adolf Hitler himself. He may seem like a cruel man but since he was not actually fighting the war on the front Albert Speer was unaware of the awful crimes against humanity that Nazi Germany was committing.
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Why We Should Commemorate Him

The reason for commemorating Albert Speer is for what he did after the war during the Nuremberg Trials. Albert Speer once in custody was shown evidence of what the Nazis had done to the Jews during the war (eg The Holocaust, the internment camps that held and was where many Jews were killed). Once Speer had seen this he was determined to reveal the tragic crimes to everyone. Another person who was also captured and put on trial was Hermann Goering, the person in charge of the German air force the "Luftwaffe". Hermann Goering had a large influence on the other high ranking Nazi Germans who were also captured and was determined on pleading not guilty. Therefor Speer was seen as a traitor to his people because of him trying to reveal the truth. Speer planned to take blame for all the war crimes if he had to which would have made it harder for him in court. Speer himself had committed crimes where he had forcefully immigrated workers from other countries to work in the munitions factories where they lived and worked in poor conditions. This caused many workers to die which in turn caused them to pull in more workers. Speer accepted the fact that what he did was wrong and was not worried as to what would happen to him as long as the truth was exposed. While they were in prison it was hard for Speer to continue as Hermann had a strong influential grip on the other Germans and Speer tried his best to persuade them to his side but as mentioned earlier they all saw Speer as a traitor. When the trials had ended only Speer and one other German was spared from being hung there were many conspiracies that Speer did all that as an act and many thought he was truly sincere. After his 20 year sentence in prison Speer wrote a book about the Nazi regime and made a living off of the books he had sold.
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Commemoration Day

Friday, Nov. 20th, 12am

At Your Own Homes

This commemoration of Albert Speer will take place on every November 20th as this is the day at which the trials had started.