By: Harley, Breanna, & Alyssa

Cause of Hemophilia

The cause of Hemophilia is a sex linked genetic disease that is inherited. The defect is on the X chromosome.

Affects on the Human Body

Hemophilia affects how much your blood clots. The less your blood clots, the worse your hemophilia case is. Bleeding is the most common health problem with hemophilia. It can apppear in infants, children, or adults. Some mild cases could even go unnoticed. It is also possible to have bllod in your bowel movements as well. Affects 1 out of every 100,000

Health Problems / Symptoms

Big bruises

Prolonged bleeding

Bleeding in the muscles, joints, bones, ect..

Serious internal bleeding into vital organs

Spontanious bleeding throughout the body

Who is it Most Commonly Found In?

Does not effect any race, gender, etc however, it is found in males more than females due to it being an X linked trait.  Females still are at risk of recieving this disease though.

What Treatments can be taken?

You can take recombinant treatments to help control the bleeding and to help your blood clot better. Also gene therapy could be an effective treatment.

Life expectancy

Life expectancy for varies depending on whether the person receives proper treatment or not, without treatment the affected person wouldn't live to adulthood.

An interesting fact...

"The British Queen Victoria was a carrier of Hemophilia and passed it on to her son Lepold and to some of her daughters."

"Abraham Lincoln had hemophilia, along with Mother Theresa and Genghis Khan."

This is a picture of a bleeding joints. A symptom of Hemophilia.