Counselor's Quick Share

January 2016

Career Day Is Coming!

Beginning this month, students will have an opportunity to participate in career day activities and presentations monthly. The purpose of career day is to assist students in learning more about themselves and the world of work. With your help, students will learn about careers, education requirements, and skills needed to perform certain jobs.

Career Day

Once a month we will focus on a specific career cluster. Guest speakers will visit our school and talk to students about their careers. Each grade level will attend the presentation during their assigned month. The other grades not participating in the presentation will complete lessons and activities in the classroom on career day.

January-STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math)

Attend Presentation:4th Grade

Classroom Lessons & Activities: Pre-k, 1st-3rd Grade

February-Business & Industry

Attend Presentation:1st-2nd Grade

Classroom Lessons & Activities: Pre-k, Kinder,3rd- 4th Grade

March-Arts & Humanities

Attend Presentation: Pre-k, Kinder

Classroom Lessons & Activities:1st -4th Grade

April-Public Services

Attend Presentation:3rd Grade

Classroom Lessons & Activities:Prek-2nd, 4th Grade

Stay Tuned for Dates...

Tell Your Story

Students are constantly listening and learning from you and other adults around them. Help our students with career awareness by telling your story.

One teacher will spend about 1-2 minutes on the morning announcements telling their story . An invitation will be placed in your mailbox if you are the lucky one to share on career day. If you can't think of the right words to say, feel free to use the questions below to guide your thinking.

1. What career did you dream about as a child?

2. What are the different jobs you had growing up?

3. What would you do differently if you could do it all over again?

Graduating Class Of...

Classrooms have been randomly selected to participate in the high school bulletin board for each grade level. Please help the school counselors with this project by nominating a willing participant to answer a high school related question. This project will require one student selection per teacher. You may email Ms. Osborne with the name of the student.

The types of questions that will be asked are below:

  • Make a list of people you know who went to high school.
  • What I want to do in HS (academic/ sport/ activity/ etc.).
  • What someone has told me about their experience in high school.
  • Why it is important to graduate from high school.
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