evelin victorio, ms reyffs 1st period class, 19/23/14

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Comanche were the single most important tribe. they would wear buffalo, deer, feathers, and body paint. also they lived in teepees. they are nomadic which means they move with buffalo.


their food would be buffalo cause they would only hunt buffalo.

lived in teepees.

they are in great plains.

one chief led the tribe many were literate and educated.

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facts about the indians

they were great hunters and farmers

they are nomadic

the women would clean, take care of children, wash, cook

the men would hunt, and make weapons


I think the southeastern culture is different because their culture is so wild. like they hunt for buffalo and wear feathers and use body paint. also Comanche is one of the tribe and they are single most important tribe. one chief led the tribe while others were different. they also live in great plains.