NASA Mission Casini

post 1900


Cassini completed its

four-year mission to explore the Saturn System in June 2008 and the first extended mission, called the Cassini Equinox MissionThat’s ten years and over 2 billion miles of discoveries and explorations of our Solar System’s most majestic planet and its incredible family of moons. Over the course of its primary mission and three extended missions, we have been able to get a close-up look at Saturn and its moons like never before.The spacecraft launched on October 15, 1997 aboard and entered orbit around Saturn on July 1, 2004.

Date's Of discoverys

1 discovery:?

2 discovery:2004

First discovery:

The spacecraft discovered propeller-like formations, and also witnessed the possible birth of a new moon that may be one of Saturns most active moons.

Second discovery:

Cassini discovered two new moons almost immediately after arriving at Saturn (Methone and Pallene) before 2004 had ended.

technologies used

The Cassini space craft is a large spacecraft that can see in wavelengths that the human eye can't, and it can feel tiny dust particles that no human hand could ever detect.