Buildologie Bulletin

November 2018

Food Factor!

Our Buildologie 5th graders are on a mission! They have been working hard to complete 5 missions relating to food: sustainable fishing, pest control, pollution removal, distant travel, and corn harvesting. For each one, they had to program their robot to start at the "Base" and go out into the playing field to complete a specific task.

The students also chose a type of food and have been researching its journey from the ground to the table as a project for Benchmark Unit 3, which analyzes the Essential Question, "How do we decide which resources we should develop?" with an especial focus on corn.

Corn Harvest

In the mission below, the robot must push the Corn Harvester (red tractor), causing it to dump out the corn is has gathered. The robot must catch at least 1 of the corn cobs and return it to base. This team added a little victory dance to the end!

Come Visit a Showcase!

Our students will be presenting their research projects and robots at a showcase in these last few weeks before winter break.

Classes and parents have been invited to attend, but we also welcome other AESD staff and stakeholders - administrators, people from DES, the District Office, board members, etc. What our students do in Buildologie (and Codologie) is unique and AMAZING, and we want everyone to see!

Feel free to drop in to any of the showcases below. There's no need to stay the whole time unless you want to - you'll see wonderful things in even just 5-10 minutes.

Big picture

What's Next?

After break, students will learn about using color sensors to do more advanced things like line following. Then, they'll get to work on their entries for Play|Code|Compete: Hydrodynamics.

Heather will continue to improve curriculum, prepare for Play|Code|Compete, mentor the Bytes & Bots mentors, support classroom teachers, and much more!

About Us

This newsletter was created by Heather Boling, AESD's Bytes & Bots Digital Learning Coach.