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Frequently Asked Questions

What is is an online video-based digital literacy resource that provides students with meaningful opportunities to apply core content knowledge through computer-based projects. When is used in a school setting, it effectively bridges the gap between the classroom and computer lab. For example, as students learn about the solar system in their science class they will apply their understanding of the solar system as they create an animated digital solar system via See the following 2 minute video for more information. Explained
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What grade level(s) is this for?

Currently, all projects are geared toward 4th and 5th graders. While the computer skills learned during a project are not age specific, the core content being reinforced is at the elementary level.

How long will each project take?

The length of time needed to complete a project depends on the computer skills of your students and the amount of time allotted to working on Currently, students with little to no computer skills who spend one hour per week working on a project are taking at least four weeks to reach completion.

What software/equipment is needed?

You will need to have Microsoft Office software on any computer that is intended for use with

Will students need assistance?

Yes. Even though presents students with step-by-step video demonstrated instructions, they may still need assistance throughout the creative process. Again, the amount of assistance needed will depend upon the computer abilities of your students.

What will my students create?

Project Preview

How much does it cost? charges an annual site license, which is based upon the number of student accounts you require.

  • Up to 50 students -- $500
  • 51 to 100 students -- $1000
  • 101+ students -- $2000