John Paul Jones

Contributions to the Navy

Birth/Death, Childhood/family

*John Paul Jones was born on July 6, 1747, on a large estate called Arbigland.

*Jones was one of seven different children.

*Jones was a son of John Paul sr. and his wife Jean M. Paul.

*Two of Paul's children died when they were infants.

*Jones was born in Kirkbean, Kirkcudbright, Scotland, Port of Great Britain.


*Jones attended school in Kirkbean for several years.

*From a young age, Jones had other things on his mind besides school.

*Jones was interested in the Navy from a very young age.

Important life events

*At 13, Jones caught a ride on a small ship headed for the port of Whitehaven.

*Jones served on the boat called Friendship for seven years.

*Jones became the captain due to the original captain dying.


*During the Revolution, Jones successfully landed in Philadelphia.

*Jones was commissioned a Senior Lieutenant in the Continental Navy.

*Jones won his first victory on the Bonhomme Richard on British Seas.

*Jones became famous when he yelled to his enemy " I have not yet begun to fight."

Contributions to change

*Jones changed the way the American Navy fought in future battles.

*He was the greatest commander of the Navy.

Interesting Facts

*Jones was buried in Paris at the Saints Louis Cemetery, it belonged the Royal Family of Paris.

*Jones was appointed a rear admiral in the Russian Navy

*In 1779, King Louis XVI of France named Jones a Chevaller

*He earned the name "Father of the Navy" because he represented the U.S, United Kingdom, And the Russian Navy.

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