Different Animals' Different Sounds

What Different animals' Sounds Mean

Why I Chose This

I chose to research this topic because the meaning of animals' sounds have always interested me. I love animals and know what some of their most common sounds and what they mean would be really cool.

How To Communicate

Humans have always lived with animals, but we never really wonder how they communicate such as we do with each other. But knowing what they are "saying" can help us understand them better.

Talking In Harmony

People have to work together to get stuff done. In order to live with animals on this planet, we have to work with them. Knowing what they are saying can help a lot.

How Can We Do This?

Learning about animals can help you in a lot of different ways. Animals are major necessities to the human world. They help us get things done. Knowing what they are saying can help us and them.

Created By: Marissa Powell