Changing Careers

By: James

Burning bridges can have consequences

When you quit a job or are fired don't burn your bridges. It can come back to bite you when you may need a recommendation for job or something like that. So that they would come back to you and maybe you will get your job back.

Also burning bridges never has any good consequences

It never ends up in a good way when you burn bridges. When you leave a job/get fired leave calmly and friendly. There is no reason to forget everybody that you worked with because you aren't working with them anymore. You could be friends with them.

exploring your options

Identify your skills, weaknesses, and capabilities to decide what career field would be perfect for you.

Deciding what you want in a new career is a crucial and important step towards finding a job that will make you happy.

mapping your moves

Research different career paths you could be interested in and then narrow those down to the one you want to go into.

Build a team of people that are willing to help support you and your decisions during your job change and it would help you.

showcasing your experience

Know that you are going to be starting over in rank and that you need to prove yourself. Show your new boss that you are a hard worker so you can keep your job.
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