Sign Language

Abby Ruelle


Sign language has impacted nd continues to impact people by giving them a greater knowledge of how those who suffer from hearing disabilities communicate. I have a greater appreciation of the language now that I am learning it. Sign Language is not an easy thing to learn and I can't imagine learning it without being able to speak or hear.
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Interesting Info

-American Sign Language is the third most widely known language in the U.S.

-Sign Language has been used for over 200 years

-sign languages have their own grammar and syntax

-a young child acquires sign language in the same was as they acquire a spoken language

-The language was created in France.

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Why I Chose Sign Language

I chose Sign language because I've always been interested in a language that is unspoken. I also feel Strongly about helping those who are disabled. If I can learn sign language and share my knowledge with others than that will help hearing disabled people communicate more in the world. The history behind sign language also intrigued me. I was very curious to see how the language came to be.

The link below will bring you to the main website that helped me learn sign language