16ème semaine

Unité 9, Les Passetemps

Les Devoirs du 2 mai-6 mai

Les Devoirs:


1. Les Passetemps, Project 3D

2. Les Passetemps, Section 3 Quiz

3. Les Passetemps, Unit Exam

4. L'Ecole, TPR Quiz

5. L'Ecole, Discussion 1D

6. L'Ecole, Writing 1F

7. L'Ecole, Speaking 1G

8. L'Ecole, Discussion 1I

9. L'Ecole, Section 1 Quiz

Live Session

Just one for next week for Unit 9:

Wednesday, 5/4 @ 7:30pm w/ Mme Jean McDaniel (Unit 9)

Video about l'École en France

Les différences entre l'école en France et aux États-Unis

Some of the main difference about schools in France are that:

1. Many have the two hour lunch break and can leave campus. When I was in the face-to-face classroom, teachers could not even leave campus during the day.

2. Their "cantines" present the most amazing food, fresh, not frozen or canned. Fresh fruit and vegetables, as well.

3. The teachers change classrooms and the students stay in the same room all day- wow can't imagine my students being willing to stay in the same room all day!!!

4. The students' schedule is very similar to a US college schedule- they do not have the same classes every day.

NOW: your turn. Do some research on the French school system and then send it to me by email. I will present it in the announcements and give you célébrations for it plus giving you +5 points supplémentaires!!

Savoir vs connaître


The irregular verbs savoir and connaître both mean 'to know. Listen first to the pronunciation of their forms in the present.

savoir 'to know (a fact)'

je sais

nous savons

tu sais

vous savez

il/elle/on sait

ils/elles savent

past participle : su

connaître 'to know, to be acquainted with'

je connais

nous connaissons

tu connais

vous connaissez

il/elle/on connaît

ils/elles connaissent

past participle : connu

La fête du premier mai

The French Labor Day is on May 1- le premier mai. It is also called la Fête du Muguet - named for the flower. If you research this day, you can find out why it is called this name, Send your findings to me by text or email for +5 extra credit points!!

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Le passtemps favori: Kamryn- Elle aime faire du jogging. Elle est sur l'équipe de cross-country.

Brendan aimes les jeux de vidéo

Emma aime danser.

Emely aime le hockey et le baseball.

Valeria aime le foot!