Port LaBelle

Move to this gorgeous port-side city

Port LaBelle is located in North Carolina.

Port Labelle is a breathtaking port-side city with a spacious suburban area, delectable cuisine, and luxurious views.

Why you should move to Port LaBelle:

The charming city of Port LaBelle offers many unique and exciting experiences that never get old or monotonous. This city is perfect for parents with children off in college or starting their own life adventures. Because of the many activities and events that Port LaBelle offers, you never have to worry about being bored or having a bland day. The wonderful and exciting flavor that Port LaBelle adds to its citizen's lives is unlike the environment of any other place on earth.

Grand Opening of Port LaBelle

Saturday, Sep. 17th, 6pm

Port LaBelle, North Carolina

The Grand Opening of Port LaBelle is approaching quickly, get your tickets for $5 at PortLaBelle.com. The grand opening event will consist of a guided tour of main locations of the neighborhood, the showing of an informative video about Port LaBelle's planning and construction including free popcorn, and finally, a fireworks display celebrating the opening of this beautiful port city.