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Week of April 25, 2016

Highlights of Our Learning


  • Our Journeys selection was entitled, Half Chicken. The story was a folktale explaining how the weather vane came to fruition. The children enjoyed reading this story.
  • The reading strategy we focused on was depicting Cause and Effect.
  • On Thursday, we played Kahoot. The children were able to each have their own iPad as opposed to playing with a partner...they enjoyed playing this way, too!
  • We also learned about antonyms.


  • During Writers' Workshop, we began to revise and edit our Opinion Letters. Many students are in the process of publishing their final letter. We hope to share our opinion letters with our fourth grade buddies this week. Stay tuned...


  • During Math, we learned about various 3-D shapes. We learned about the difference between a pyramid and a prism.
  • As we studied the 3-D shapes, we learned the proper name for each based on the shape's attributes.
  • We learned how to depict the number of vertices, faces, and edges each shape contains.


  • As part of our Soils Unit, we closely studied humus, clay, and sand by describing their unique feel, smell, color, and size.
  • Then, we experimented with humus, clay, and sand by mixing each of them with water to see which soil/water mixture can best be formed into a ball. We unanimously determined that clay was the best soil to form into a ball.
  • Our Painted Lady Caterpillars arrived on Wednesday! We learned that these caterpillars eat a plant called mallow. We placed the smashed mallow in to small cups then firmly packed the mallow into the bottom of the cup. As we discussed, the mallow needs to be packed tightly into the bottom of the cup and cannot have any holes otherwise the tiny caterpillars may get trapped.

Other Activities

  • AS a reward for receiving our 175th compliment as a class, we had a Reading Retreat!
  • We attended our Elizabeth Haddon Community Meeting on Thursday. Brooke Master won the Word of the Month ~ Caring Award. Way to go Brooke!
  • We celebrated Arbor Day! We had the privilege of helping plant a new tree by the First Grade playground. The town Mayor and Commissioner were present for the celebration. Be sure to check out the photos below.

Reading ~ Playing Kahoot

Science ~ Experimenting with Clay, Humus, and Sand

Which soil, when mixed with water, can be formed into a ball?

Science ~ Observing and Adding Water to Our Compost Bags

Science ~ Our Painted Lady Caterpillars Arrived!

Reading Retreat ~ 175 Compliments! Way to Go 2MU!!!

Social Studies ~ Celebrating Arbor Day

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"Here's the Scoop" by 2MU Reporters


By: Abby

This week in school, we started a new science unit. We got caterpillars. The caterpillars eat a plant called mallow. The mallow all mushed up and is kind of a yellow brown color. The mallow smells very bad but the caterpillars must like it. The caterpillars are black and about 3 cm long. They seem hairy but they are so small you can't tell if it's hair. The legs seem to have hair also. I can't wait to watch them grow!


By: Brooke Master

This week in science we got caterpillars they eat mallow we have to make sure that there are no holes because the caterpillar can suffocate. And we like are caterpillars.We love our caterpillars! This is why we love science so much. Caterpillars are so fun. I can’t wait for them to make a cocoon and turn into a butterfly.


This week in school we read Half-Chicken. It is about a chicken who was born with only one leg,only one arm,only one eye,and not as much feathers as the other chick so they called him Half-Chicken I think that they could've called him…

Timmy. And the he heard birds say that no one is as unique as him in the court of the viceroy. So then he said his goodbyes to everyone and set off to Mexico City to see the court of the viceroy. And then he came along a stream that asked him to get a stick out of his way, and he did. Then the stream asked if he wanted to stay and swim, but he said “I have no time to lose. I’m off to Mexico City to see the court of the viceroy.” Then he came across fire, who asked him to fan him a bit so he could blaze up again. And he did. The fire asked if he wished to stay a little while to see if he would stay awhile to warm up. But he said “I have no time to lose. I’m off to Mexico City to see the court of the viceroy.” Then he finally came to the wind. The wind asked him to untangle him from the trees. And he did. And the wind asked if he wanted to stay and play and fly around like a giant dry leaf. But he said “I have no time to lose. I’m off to Mexico City to see the court of the viceroy.” He finally came to Mexico City and found all the outdoor shops. Then he walked to the front door of the viceroy’s palace, and the asked the guards if he could come in. you’ll never find out what happens next unless you read the book!!!!!!!!!!

:) By: Daniel Henderson :)

Reading Retreat

This week in school we had a reading retreat and we had 2 cups of popcorn and had about 15 minutes to read the book and like 5 minutes to talk and eat your popcorn and the popcorn was from the movie theater.





This week in school we got caterpillars. We saw a picture of a mallow plant,and learned that we need to pack the fermented mallow down so the baby caterpillars didn't fall in a hole and suffocate to death. we got to look at the mallow and it smelled HORRIBLE!!!!!!!! To give you an idea of how bad it smells a skunk smells sweet compared to it. ITS THAT BAD!!!!!!!!!!


This week we got caterpillars. It was so much fun and gooey. The best part of it was that we got to hold them! I liked that they were only a millimeter long, isn't that crazy a millimeter long! We can't wait to see when the caterpillars are butterflies! The caterpillars like to eat a plant called Mallow.It fells like a squishy marshmallow.

(It also smells horrible to)

Again we can't wait for our caterpillars turn into butterflies!

By:Jack Mckeever

Half Chicken

By: Jaxon

In reading we read Half-Chicken. It is a folktale about a chicken that has one wing, leg,and foot. The cook tried to cook him and he picked him up and heaved him out the window! And he became a weather vane.


By Jayden

We just got caterpillars and we had our own and put mallow in it.

There really small there probably 1 or 3 cm. long.

There black my caterpillars name is Climber and his nickname is Cally.

If they get trapped in a hole they can suffocate and die.


By: Lauren

In science we got our own caterpillars. We had to get mallow and smush it in a cup with no holes so the caterpillar would not suffocate. I am pretty sure that everybody in the class named their caterpillar. They probably named them because they were so cute! I LOVE caterpillars!


By Lexi

This week in school we got our own CATERPILLARS! But it got a little gross when we had to get really tiny cups and squish down caterpillar food called mallow.We had to make sure there was no holes because they are so tiny if there was any holes the caterpillars would try to go in there and then they could get stuck and suffocate and die. But anyway it is fun having caterpillars.


By: Emma

One Wednesday we got caterpillars.

First we got one cup and a scoop of mallow in are cup. And then we got to push it down and then we all smelled it and it did not smell good and it was mushy.Mrs. Murphy got a paint brush and put one caterpillar in are cup.

And then we got to see it grow.


By: Mia

This week in school we got our own caterpillars!

They are so little you can’t see them! They eat mallow. We had to punch it down in the cup for their home. The mallow smelled really, really bad. Then we put the tiny, tiny caterpillar in their home and put the lid on. The caterpillars looked like they had spikes on them. I get to watch my very own caterpillar turn into a butterfly!


In Science we are not really doing an experiment but we are doing a project on

caterpillars. Guess what insect they are going to turn into? don’t know ok i’ll tell you it’s going to turn into a BUTTERFLY!!!!!! so we just got them yesterday and they eat mallow and it smells like rotten bread it smells really good well only me Rafa and Jack like the smell and everybody else hates it but when you put the paper on it and the lid it smell like vanilla ice cream every boy likes it. We also got a new packet about them.I mean i don’t really know that much about butterflies but I do know that when they're in their cocoon it takes a long time for them to get out.

By: Michael

March Word of the Month "Caring" Award Winner ~ Brooke Master

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