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Monday January 18th, 2016

Mindset Book Study: Interest Form/Sign-up

  • If you have interest in joining the book study, please fill out this form and I will order the books. Interest Form/Sign-up
  • Again, this is optional, but after looking for Mindset topics to utilize in the book study and reflecting on the concepts from the book, I have found it very relevant my day-to-day work with students and for myself professionally.
  • My thought is to meet with all of those interested for a short time on January 28th after school. At that time we will plan the logistics for future meetings. I hope to provide a digital platform to share thoughts and ideas between the face-to-face meetings. Face-to-face meeting could be monthly or bi-monthly depending on the will of the group.
  • If you have any questions before you sign up, let me know.
  • Also, if you are interested but right now is not the time for you, indicate that on the form and we can run a second book study later in the year.
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Upcoming Dates

Monday January 18th- No School (School will be open, but heat will be limited)

Tuesday, January 19- Aspire Testing begins i 4th grade

Wednesday January 20th- Staff Meeting 2:15-3:15 (Teachers bring device/ EA's are welcome but not required)

Thursday January 21st- Minute to Win It

Friday January 22nd- Records Day- No School for students

Monday February 1st Spotlight Visit #2

Wednesday February 3rd- 2:15-3:15 Tech Training; 3:15-4:15 3-5 Tech Training

Thursday February 4th Parent Teacher Conferences 3:30-7:30- PTO will provide a staff Meal

Friday February 5th Conferences 8:00-4:00- The professionalism committee will share the district expectations in the next newsletter.

PTO- The Faye’s Pizza sale starts on February 4th and ends February 29th.

Mindful of Energy Saving Actions

As we enter the cold winter months here are a few reminders of how you can help to save energy in our building:

  • Be sure to close doors, turn off lights when you are not in the room
  • Close the blinds at the end of the day (this helps keep heat in your room and helps provide security)
  • Turn off your Smartboard and other electrical devices that not not need to be on overnight.

We will also give students ownership in the energy savings process. Lisa has developed the "Energy Stars" program for students to look out for energy savings. Another school in our district has had a similar program and creates considerable cost-savings yearly. Thank you for helping us save energy.

Read about the "Energy Stars" program

Developing our Mission

Teacher Records Day Professionalism Language

The intent of Teacher Records day is to provide staff time to complete student records and plan for each semester. It is expected that all teachers are at school on the Teacher Records Day at the end of the first semester. There will be no mandatory meetings scheduled on either Teacher Records Day.

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