Percent Solutions

Background Information

You will need to learn how to set up Logger Pro.

Once you learn how to set it up, you will need to plug in the colorimeter.

Put regular water in the first cuvette and make sure you only touch the ribbed sides.

Also, make sure there are no bubbles in the cuvette.

once that is done you will put the cuvette in the colorimeter.

With the clear side facing the calibrate button.

Once that is in press start on the computer.

Then press calibrate

Once that is collected , you can test the other solutions.

You will need to rinse out the cuvette and put a different solution in it.

Only fill it 3/4 to the top.

After you test each solution make sure you push the keep button on your computer.

For the mystery solution you have to look at the absorbance to figure out the concentration of the solution, to find out why the lady died.

Also, you need to read and do the pre-lab question and the lab article to get additional information.

How to make a 60% solution

First you have to measure out 4 ml of water in a graduated cylinder and then put it in a beaker. After that measure 6 ml of the green solution into a graduated cylinder to make it a 60% solution by putting it in with the water in the beaker.