EBE Home Connections

December 14, 2020

Message from Mr. Hanzeli

Hello Elger Bay Families!

If you did not yet read the SCSD Family Message from Thursday (12/10), please scroll down and review that information. It has all the district details regarding distance learning for the first two weeks of January.

In light of that district decision, later this week (hoping for Thursday) I will be sending a Special Edition of the EBE Home Connections Newsletter that will be singularly focused on providing the master schedule schedule for January 4. That edition and information will also be posted on the Elger Bay school website and will include the following:

  • K-5 ELA and Math Google Meet Schedule
  • K-5 Specialist Google Meet Schedule
  • Wednesday Homeroom Office Hour Schedule
  • Homeroom Class Codes for Google Meets
  • Specialist Codes (by homeroom) for Google Meets
  • Special Program (Resource Room, Title I, and PBS) General Plan and Communication Point. (These special programs will be sending specific plans to each family to whom this applies)

Some classes will be sending home some supplemental activities that will go with the online instruction in early January. These are not full instructional packets, but support elements to what will be taught those two weeks in January.

In addition, we will try to make sure that every student has taken home their chromebook and charger on their last day this week.

FUSION 2020 Virtual Winter Holiday Concert

Refinement to Recess Mask Policy

One of the trends my supervision staff and I have noticed is that while the children are incredibly cooperative about wearing their masks, when it is recess time, they are naturally drawn to each other and so we spend much of the time encouraging them to separate and keep their six feet distance. To that end, I am refining the guidelines for students wearing masks at recess. Going forward (this week and when we return in January :-) students will be asked to do the following:

  • Students will wear their mask out to recess and decide if they need/want a mask break.
  • If student wants to go ahead and play, go ahead and have fun, but wear a mask.
  • If the student wants a mask break, they will move themself away from the other children in the area and remove their mask.
  • As soon as the student decides to join back in (socially distant) with friends, they will pop their mask back on and have fun.


For those of you who drop off your child in the AM and do their temperature screening curbside, please help us keep everyone as safe as possible. Either....

  • ...set your student's car seat/booster to the passenger side of the back seats...or
  • ...please have your child screened out the passenger side backseat window and 'crawl' over little sister/brother/dogs/etc. :-)

Always, but especially in these dark weeks, it is really important for us to keep safety front of mind. Thank you!

SCSD Family Message, Thursday, 12.10.20

Good Afternoon Families,

The district met with local health authorities and our risk management experts this week. The district has decided to take a two-week "exposure pause" after Winterbreak. This means all of the district students (K-3 hybrid, small groups, special education programs) will engage in distance learning off campus January 4-15 and will not be allowed on school premises. Hybrid students who typically attend on Monday/Tuesday, will attend class on January 19, following the Martin Luther King, Jr. holiday on January 18. Thursday/Friday hybrid students will attend class January 21 and 22.

Rising COVID-19 case counts across the state and nationally are evidence of an increased risk this winter. A delay is expected to lessen the impact of potential exposures of COVID-19 due to holiday events.

This pause will also allow for detection of COVID 19 cases within our district population and time for these cases to resolve and/or be further addressed via quarantine or other means. Please note that widespread positive tests of students or staff could impact our instructional program and necessitate ending or severely limiting instructional delivery models that are face-to-face.

Specific information regarding schedules and how special populations will be served remotely, will be forthcoming to all families from individual schools and programs.

The district will resume its current in-person instruction model for P-12 special populations and K-3 students that are currently being served in the hybrid model on January 19, 2021. On January 15, 2021, we will look at the timeline for expanding in-person instruction to grades 4 & 5. We will communicate these plans as soon as they are solidified.

Our health districts (Island County and Snohomish County) have asked us to urge our families to follow the guidance from our governor. This guidance includes avoiding gatherings with individuals outside of your own households, to avoid travel outside of Washington State, and to follow all other strategies to reduce transmission of COVID 19 (e.g. hand washing, mask wearing).

Based on the review of COVID data in our district, county and state, conversations with our health districts and the Governor's actions, the prudent course of action is to transition to a distance learning model and to assess the safety of in-person learning after holiday activities. The District must proceed deliberately and cautiously. Should COVID-19 numbers continue to increase, another statewide shutdown could occur. We hope to help reverse this potential shutdown by our actions. This has been a difficult decision as we know this will impact families in a variety of ways; however, the District’s first priority is to the health and safety of students and staff.

Thank you for your support of the Stanwood-Camano Schools, our staff and students.

Big picture

Important Upcoming Dates

December 19 - January 3

Winter Holiday (No School)

January 4 - January 15

All Students in Distance Learning

Monday, January 18

Martin Luther King, Jr. Day Honored (No School)

Tuesday, January 19

Tentative Return to Hybrid for students in K-3, PBS, Resource Wednesday, MENI (depending on health metrics)


Grades Grade 4 and 5 Hybrid AA or BB In Person Model

Planned date for health metric data reconsideration by SCSD.

Winter Qtr Parent/Student Health Attestation (REQUIRED)

The health attestation form is required for students to attend school IN PERSON and it covers winter quarter. Please take two minutes to review it and another 2 minutes to complete the form and please remember to SUBMIT. Thank you!


Parents, please take a look at these helpful tips. None of them are requirements, but rather just suggestions that may help with the continuity of learning for each of the children as we continue to navigate the world of distance learning.

SCSD Healthy Student Return to School Process (Repeat)

SCSD Healthy Student Return to School Process

As you are aware, Stanwood Camano Schools have implemented new processes and procedures during this outbreak of COVID-19 and we are committed to keeping students and staff safety our top priority.

Symptoms of COVID-19

People with COVID-19 have had a wide range of symptoms reported – ranging from mild symptoms to severe illness. Symptoms may appear 2-14 days after exposure to the virus. People with these symptoms may have COVID-19:

  • Fever or chills (> 100.3)

  • Cough

  • Shortness of breath or difficulty breathing

  • Fatigue

  • Muscle or body aches

  • Headache

  • New loss of taste or smell

  • Sore throat

  • Congestion or runny nose

  • Nausea or vomiting

  • Diarrhea


  • Please contact your student’s medical provider for additional health instructions and/or testing.

  • If your student is not tested for COVID-19, they may return to school 10 days after symptoms began AND symptoms are resolving AND 24 hours after fever resolves.

  • If your student is ill for additional days, please notify the attendance office of your student’s absence.

  • If your student is positive for COVID-19, they may return 10 days after symptom onset AND symptoms are resolving AND 24 hours after fever resolves.

  • If your student is negative for COVID-19, they may return to school campus when symptoms are improving AND they have not had a fever without the use of fever-reducing medication for > 24 hours.

Elger Bay Attendance: 360.629.1290

Donna Hunter, EBE School Nurse: 360.629.1290

Visuals of the EBE Hybrid Experience (REPEAT)

This is not comprehensive, but just a few photos to help you see how some of our procedures have changed. Needless to say there is a very strong emphasis on safety, even as we relish the experience of having some students back in school.

Please Reply Promptly to Absence Excuse EMAIL (REPEAT)

If your child has been out of school or marked as not attending, you will receiving an EMAIL notification to that regard. It only requires a quick reply by you and helps avoid the clunkier mechanism of calling you, leaving a message, and getting your responses in person or on call back.

Please reply to the absence EMAIL at your first convenience or call the Elger Bay office 360.629.1290 to speak directly with our staff.