NASA Missions

Voyager Missions


Voyager 1 was launched at the 5th September 1977 and by the 5th March 1979 Voyager 1 flew by juipiter.On the 12th November 1998 Voyager 1 went past Saturn and on the 17 th Febuary 1998 It became Most distant man-made object.

Voyager 1

Voyager 1 is going about 57,600 kph in other words (35,790mph) fast enough to go to the sun three and a half times in one year.Both Voyagers carry a gold record 'greeting

the universe' containing sounds and pictures to portray the diversity of life and culture

on earth.Voyager 1 is in the process of escaping the solar system at the speed of 523.6 million km per year or about 1.4 km per day.Even at this speed it will take over 14,000 years or maybe twice that to leave the Oort cloud.

What the gold record contains

A 30 cm gold plated copper disc with a needle and playing instructions is attached to the body casing. There are greetings in 60 languages, natural earth sounds, 90 minutes of music and 115 pictures recorded on it.