Change Columbus Day!

Make it "Native American" day.

You cant be the first to discover land that already has people living there.

Not only did he take over land that wasnt his and claim it as his own but he disrespected Native Americans and their Ancestors. how can people honor a person who caused many deaths and began the slave trade? Join us to make it "Native American" day where we will honor all the Native Americans and their Ancestors that went through many hardships.

Change Columbus Day

Monday, Sep. 17th 2012 at 9pm

777 Northeast Martin Luther King Junior Boulevard

Portland, OR

Join us to change Columbus day to Native American day and honor our fellow Native Americans... the true owners of our land.

Facts about Columbus!

- Even though he made three return trips west, Christopher Columbus never actually stepped foot on the mainland of North America.

-Columbus was selfish and wanted all the gold and glory to himself

-Columbus was cruel to many people including natives, shipmates and anyone who didn’t acknowledge him

-He never had to kill the cultures along the way to find land and goods or to set up a colony but that didn’t stop him. He wiped out an entire civilization by himself.

-He killed natives for the goods and gold he wanted and also forced them to be slaves. When he was bringing the natives back on ships he would toss them overboard or feed them to dogs if they died.


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