Single Mothers in College

By Leigha Barker

Life and Career

Single mothers are going back to college in record numbers. My question is how do they afford to go to college, if they also have to have a job to care for their children? I have come to the conclusion that going to college for single parents is very challenging, but not impossible! This newspaper will be filled with programs and ways to find them. There will also be a story from a single mother and her college experience!
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It may be a surprise but many mothers will actually go to an online college rather than going to a community college. The reason why is because when online you can do it whatever time is convenient for you so that they can go to school around their jobs but, when you go to an actual college there is set times that you must be there. College is very expensive and most of the time single mothers do not have enough money for it, so they have come up with different ways that the government and different programs can help pay for some or all of their college tuition.

Special Programs

There are many special programs for single mothers. These programs will help or fully pay for your college tuition. These programs are non profitable. There is also grants that can be given to mothers who are not in programs. A grant is a fund that you do not give back . A grant is based on what you need for college not for academic achievement like a scholarship. Grants are given by the government. You can find grants and programs by making a list of all the colleges that you want to apply to and going on their websites and looking through their financial aid programs and grants.

Barbara Roth Interview

I interviewed my Nana, Barbara Roth, because she was a single mother in college. My first question was, "Did you have my mother during or before college?" her response was, "I did not go to college right after high school. I went a few years later when your mom was a teen." My second question was, "what college did you attend?" her response was, "I went to Virginia State University for my Bachelor's degree and then went to Liberty University for my Master's degree in special education.". My third question was, "were you in any special program or did you receive any grants or scholarships?" her response was, "I attended a historically African American college, Virginia University. I, being white, got a full minority grant to attend. After grades were put in I received a presidential scholarship to get into Liberty University" . My fourth question was, "how did you handle all of your financial problems?" her response, "I worked at full time jobs. I used left over funds for grants. I cashed in money from insurance policies. I didn't shop for any big items. I counted on my sisters for help, and your mom paid her way with her job and gave me money for bills too". Then my last question was, "If you had to sum up your college experience in just a few words what would it be and why?" her response was, "Balancing college, kids, and a job was very difficult. I really didn't have enough time to devote fully to anything to my satisfaction. I received good grades, graduating Suma Cum Laude, and easily got a job teaching. Ideally, though, attending college before having a family would've had it's own benefits and been easier all around." This is real-life proof that even though it may be very difficult, single moms can go to collage! The most important factor is to belief in yourself and you will succeed.


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