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In Cherokee tradition leaders called chiefs governed each village, and each village was part of a larger confederation. A confederation was a group of connected villages. A confederation could have as many as 100 villages. The Cherokee speak an Iroquoian language. There were six main festivals or religious observations before the forced removal. These festivals were to be observed at the capital. The UKU, seven Principal Counselors and people from all seven Cherokee clans participated.The Cherokee have been gifted by the Creator with an understanding of the gathering, use and preservation of medicinal herbs. The Cherokee believe that these plants were put on this earth to provide not only healing methods, but preventative measures, as well. Traditional Cherokees consult with medicine people for help with medical problems, dilemmas in their lives, or other problems. There are fewer Medicine People alive and practicing today, but those few are still known by traditionalists and others in Cherokee communities .Chunkey is said by many to be the oldest game in America and was played in some form by nearly all southeast Indian tribes, including the Cherokee. Marbles, to the Cherokee, is not the simple children's game which usually comes to mind when mentioned. It is an ancient game of skill played by teams competing in tournaments. The old, historic Cherokee wedding ceremony was a beautiful event. Cherokees have weddings according to their belief system.
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Lifestyle and Dwelling

Most Cherokee families had 2 houses and they were sedentary so they stayed in one during the summer and one during the winter. They built their houses more sturdy so they could stay up to the years of wear. Their winter houses were small, cone-shaped, and covered with earth. Their summer houses were box-shaped, large, had bark for roofs, and had clay or grass walls. Several families of the same clan lived together. Almost as many as 300 to 400 houses were built together to form villages. At the center of each village was a temple built on a high, flat-topped mound.


The Cherokee were located in the Coastal Region. They are located Below the Red River near the Piney Woods. A major modern day city Dallas is located near where the Cherokee used to live. They are a sedentary tribe so they were all located around this area.
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The Cherokee grew corn, beans, squash, pumpkins, sunflower, and tobacco. They also gathered wild plants from the forest. They hunted squirrels, rabbits, turkeys, bears, and dears. They fished in many streams and rivers. The Cherokees environment does play a role in diet because they need a location with Rich Soil for Farming.
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