November Bee's Knees GROUP Update!



WOW!!! Another record breaking month for the Bee's Knees in October! We are now unofficial the FIRST PLATINUM team in avaHISTORY!!!! THANK YOU as it is a true team effort to accomplish something like this and many of you that stay with it will be at this level in 5 years or less!!! Our DOWNLINE sales were over $330K (1/3 of a MILLION) with EIGHTEEN Executive teams and our GROUP sales were over $38K with MANY promotions... IMAGINE the lives we are changing!!! The fact is that we have taken all those toxic products that WOULD have been bought instead out of commission!!! December is sure to be another exciting month of growth for the company and our team...we are about to hit $2MILLION in sales for the year! Please check in with your sponsor or myself if you aren't sure how to make YOUR goals happen this month! Happy Holidays! Thank You ALL for what you do to share Ava's Message!!!


Because of everything you do with your businesses, In the month of November our team donated 4,242 packets of Plumpy'Nut to Edesia another local Rhode Island company working to change the world! Ava will be donating OVER 20,000 packets from the entire company!!! It takes 1 packet daily for 7 weeks to show a difference so this is HUGE!!! WOW!!! Well done!!! I love that we get to work and do good all at the same time!
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#1 Lisa Davis...............$3,122.20

#2 Amy Muratore........$3,098.02

#3 Jaclyn Vargas..........$3,056.29

#4 Elizabeth Matos.....$2,730.40

#5 Lauren Carvalho....$1,654.50

#6 Nicole Stabach.......$1,560.80

#7 Gail Robinson........$1,504.95

#8 Dawn Barroso.......$1,486.10

#9 Ginger Stabach......$1,354.92

#10 Gina Johnson.......$1,301.05

Collectively these 10 consultants sales for the month of October totaled almost $21K, which is over 54% of our total GROUP sales for the entire month! Our GROUP currently totals almost 100 and of those 59 placed orders this month! Every little thing we all do in this business adds up and make us one of the fastest growing teams in this company!!! If you would like to join this list next month, let your upline or myself know and we can show you how! An average avaHOUR sales are $500 currently! That is $150 in commission for you and lots of great avaPRODUCTS for your HOST! 1:5 that you ASK will want to Host!
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JACLYN VARGAS...NEW Executive Team Leader!

CONGRATULATIONS on setting even more avaRECORDS Jaclyn! Your team of BEE-lievers with ALL 4 legs ACTIVE + OVER $1,000 helped you promote to Executive! AMAZING!!! Even KIM ANDERSON took noticed of how special your team is!!! Keep up the good team work everyone...i know many will be following in your footsteps soon!!! Look for Jaclyn's story in the next avaINSPIRATIONS which will arrive via email in just a few days!

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#1 Laura Kobylanski....2

#2 Lisa Davis................1

#2 Heather Dupee.......1

#2 Lubelia Hill..............1

#2 Christine Mailoux...1

#2 Meagan Morais......1

#7 Position Available

#8 Position Available

#9 Position Available

#10 Position Available

Your NEW team members will have until the end of November to complete Quick Start Level 1 (QS1) with $1,000 in sales into the company! You and they will both get a $50 avaSHOPPING SPREE next month by starting your business strong with TWO avaHOUR Launches!!! Quick Start earners are announced in avaINSPIRATIONS around the 15th of each month! TIP - If you want ONE new team member you have to share the business with TEN!!!


Enroll by JANUARY 16th, 2015!!!
VERY EXCITED for this and I do believe this is what helped our team become the FIRST PLATINUM EXECUTIVE TEAM in the company last month!!! So much easier to see how you and your team are doing...much more user thing i like is sort by product feature! WATCH the video below to see Wednesday's webinar. Let myself or your sponsor know if you need any help navigating!!! $4.95 for LITE OR $9.95 for PRO. ASK if you aren't sure which to do! $25 annual renewal fee is now gone!!! If you sell ONE body butter a month it is paid for! :)
2014 12 03 18 31 Weds National Training Your NEW AvaOFFICE

DECEMBER Customer specials

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December Consultant Special

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THANK YOU to all who attended our avaHOLIDAY TRUNK SHOW!!! I hope you are putting all the ideas to use this month! Thanks for inviting your customers and future team members to join us!!! If anyone wants more information...let me know!

SAVE THE DATE for a fun night out to celebrate the year! I'm thinking December 18th at Trafford, Pizzaco or My House...anyone have any ideas let me know!!! This will be purely social and for networking! JANUARY we will be showing UNACCEPTABLE LEVELS...get your customers, hosts + teams excited...this should be a great event!!!

Ginger Stabach - Executive

I'm currently booking phone or in person appointments with those team members who want to set their December goals!!! Look forward to hearing from you and THANK YOU for all you each do to change chemical policy in the USA!